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Dating a drama queen can be incredibly difficult and can cause you a great deal of stress. In this article, we will discuss the traits of a drama queen to help you decide whether your lady is overly intense or her behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary. Dating a dramatic girl can be exciting at times but it can also be exhausting.

Do you have a dramatic girlfriend?

If your girlfriend constantly demands attention, you may well be dating a drama queen. She may emit the kind of immature behaviour you’d expect from someone much younger and may turn tiny problems into mammoth challenges. She may constantly expect her needs to come first and may demand attention when there are bigger priorities to attend to. Perhaps she creates a scene when she cannot get what she wants immediately or causes a commotion in inappropriate settings, such as hospitals, churches, shops, restaurants or libraries.

Why are girls so dramatic?

Does your girlfriend suddenly complain of illnesses and sicknesses seemingly out of nowhere, when she was fine just a moment before? If this happens on a frequent basis, there’s a big chance you are in a relationship with a drama queen. She may frequently ‘fall ill’ when she stops being the centre of your world, such as when you are heading out for drinks with the boys or when you are about to engage in any other fun activity without her. The reason for this could be that she can’t stand the idea of you enjoying yourself when she is not involved.

Turning minor challenges into crises

Does your girlfriend repeatedly engage in worst-case scenario thinking? This can be a symptom of anxiety but can also be a sign that she is prone to over-dramatising situations. She may suspect you are having an affair just because you working late or fret about extremely unlikely outcomes. If you fail to respond to a message right away, she may think you are up to no good, or she may frequently become outraged at comments that have no malice attached to them whatsoever.

Conflict creation

Drama queens are often prone to creating conflict when there is none, just to create some sort of excitement. You may find yourself frequently defending yourself even when you have done nothing wrong or may give you silent treatment when she doesn’t get what she wants. It’s common for the partners of drama queens to reluctantly apologize even when they believe themselves to be innocent just to keep the peace and bring the friction to an end. Drama queens rarely apologise when they are wrong and may drag out arguments for as long as possible until you feel completely ground down. A drama queen may be critical of your friends and family when she feels you are giving them too much attention at her expense and may not rest until your relationships others have soured. She may act in an extremely passive-aggressive manner and say she is happy and content with something when it’s entirely obvious she is fuming inside.

How to deal with a drama queen


You can learn to deal with a drama queen by examining the behaviour over time and finding out what triggers their worst behaviours. They may have a deep-seated emotional issue and may have experienced something traumatic during their childhood. You can use your experience to learn how to reduce the drama and can take steps to stop rewarding unwanted behaviour, being more assertive and learning how to say ‘no’ when necessary. Don’t put up with unreasonable behaviour – set clear boundaries and take time out to let them settle down when their perceived crises become particularly tough to bear.

Non-drama queen personality traits

Let’s take a look at some traits you can expect from someone who isn’t a drama queen. A woman who isn’t a drama queen is less likely be passive-aggressive and won’t drag out arguments for longer than necessary. She won’t expect to remain the centre of attention constantly and will frequently and happily do things for others rather than simply focussing on herself. She won’t argue in public places and will go the extra mile to ensure you feel loved and cared for. A lady who isn’t dramatic will make a real effort to get on with your friends and family and will give you the space that you need so you don’t start to feel trapped in the relationship. What’s more is that she will have the humility to accept when she has messed up and will be more than happy to apologise if she has acted out of line. If this sounds like your lady, congratulations – it would appear that you are not in a relationship with an unreasonable drama queen.


If you suspect your partner is a narcissistic drama queen, it may be better to escape whilst you still can. Nonetheless, many men have learned to take the rough with the smooth and enjoy fulfilling relationships with dramatic women, finding new ways to rein their least pleasant traits over time. If you can learn to take the rough with the smooth, you may become adept at dealing with a dramatic girlfriend and reduce the chances of her walking all over you.