5 Things To Look For To See If Your Boyfriend is Husband Material or Not

happy couple

Before we decide to take the plunge and get married, we go through a lot of “is he or isn’t he” moments while dating. As soon as we become boyfriend/girlfriend, we are watching for indicators that will tell us if he is the one for us or if we should move right along to the next guy.

Here are five indicators that could help you determine if he is the one for you or not.

How does he behave with other people?

Now you may think that the way he treats you is a clear indicator that he is husband material. Stop for a minute and come back down to Earth. Of course, he is going to be nice to you! He is trying to win you over and score. However, if you take a moment and evaluate how he treats other people — then you’re on to something. The way he treats others gives you some kind of indication how he was raised; does he have manners, does he have a decent character, is he respectful to everyone or just the people who he thinks can do something for him? If he is only nice to people who can do things for him or advance his station in life, then he’s probably an opportunist and won’t hesitate to step on someone’s toes to get wherever he needs or wants to be.

What is his attitude toward work?

Sure, no one likes to work, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do it. If your guy has ambition and good work ethic, then you can be pretty certain that he will be a good provider for you and your future family. If his approach to work is a little lax, then you may want to rethink things. Also, if he throws himself too far into his work, then you may want to be wary because he could be married to his work and that is no Bueno.

How does he behave while stressed out?

Sometimes stress brings out the absolute worst in people. You will want to keep an eye out for indicators that he may not be able to handle his stress very well. When things start going awry, does he take the blame for his part in the problem, or is he always looking for a scapegoat? Does he have the ability to keep his emotions in check and not fly off the handle over the smallest things?

How does he treat you?

Obviously, you want a man who will treat you right and make every effort to give you the attention and support that you need. However, if he tries to talk you out of your dreams or second guesses your motivations, then this guy may not be for you.

How did the relationship start?

The way your relationship came to be is a good indicator of how it will end. Did you meet while he was with someone else? Had he just come out of a long relationship and you were the rebound? In these situations, you may want to proceed with cautions, because if he did another woman wrong to be with you, what’s to say he won’t do the same to you?