PSI To All New Couples: Stop Doing these 7 Things — They are Annoying!

different couples

Your best friend rings you up on the telephone and squeals that she’s in a new relationship and is over the moon about it. Of course, you are happy for her and you wish her and her new beau the very best.

Be that as it may, you are secretly dreading the moment that you encounter them together.

When we are in a new relationship, we are so consumed by our happiness that we tend to forget that there are other people around to witness our love-fest and they don’t enjoy our make-out-fest in the middle of the sidewalk.

Here are 7 things all new couples tend to do that drives the rest of the world absolutely batty. So, please… Stop doing them!

1. You only spend time with one another.

It’s normal that you want to spend a lot of time with your new love, but new couples tend to disappear from their friend’s lives, much to their dismay. Your friends and family were there for you long before your new partner and they will be there after — if you treat them right.

2. “I” suddenly turns into “we.”

We get it, you’re in a relationship. You don’t have to tell us every whipstitch that you go out on dates with one another, do cool things, or just finish each other’s sentences. We, as people, spend our whole lives trying to be our own people, so why is it when you’ve got a new partner, the individuality disappears and is replaced by this… The duality that doesn’t seem to stop? You are your own person—remember that.

3. Engaging in heavy PDA.

There is something about being in a new relationship that makes extremely difficult to keep your hands off one another — whether it is groping their rear end or playing an intense game of tonsil hockey. What new couples fail to take into consideration is that not everyone wants to see this. So instead of reaching for their butt, try something a lot more subtle… Like squeezing their hand instead. It conveys the same message but in a much more public-friendly way.

4. Stop talking about every detail about your relationship.

Not everyone wants to know about your partners adorable adult superhero boxers or how you like to rub his feet after he gets out of the shower because he’s on his feet all day. No one really cares nor do they want to know those intimate details about your relationship. There are some things (like a lot of things) that should be kept between you and your sweetie.

5. You act like no one else “gets it.

” Yeah, we understand that because you’re in a new relationship and you feel like no one could possibly understand how amazing this other person makes you feel, the truth of the matter is we get it. We all have been there. We’ve been so head over heels over this new person in our life that we feel like our love is so unique. While we can think this and maybe even say it to your new partner, you don’t want to say it to anyone else you meet. They will probably look at you like you’re quite pretentious.

6. You two are obnoxiously inseparable.

There are plenty of things that you should never leave your house without your keys, money, form of identification, your cell phone, and maybe a jacket. These are what we like to call “essential items.” One thing that isn’t on that list is your significant other. It is okay to the grocery store without them. It is okay to go get gas alone. It is okay to even go to the mall without them. We understand that you may not want to, but trust us… You can and should. Your significant other will be there when you return, we promise.

7. All your selfies have turned into couplesies.

It’s okay to take one or two pictures with your new mate, but when you fill your social media accounts with pictures of the two of you, people get tired of it really quickly. Save your friends the selfie overload and keep those sweet couples pictures to yourselves.