The Most Underrated Parts of Being in a Relationship

couple in the jacuzzi

There are some really obvious benefits of being in a relationship. Perhaps some of the more obvious ones are that there is always someone to talk to, share your day with, share the good times and the bad times with and someone who is always there. There is also someone to be intimate with and to have a good old vent to at the end of a bad day. Then there are the not so obviousbenefits, those underrated parts of being in a relationship that are taken for granted.

The benefits of being in a relationship

If you are single, or just at the early stages of dating and thinking about the benefits of being in a relationship, you probably think about the romantic things like cuddling, being intimate, coming home to someone at the end of the day, having someone to go out and eat with, enjoy dates with and generally feel that you are part of something. These things are the obvious things that make us feel warm and fuzzy and that are new and exciting to those in a new relationship.

The underrated parts of a relationship that we take for granted

These things are the not so obvious benefits, the things that perhaps we don’t think of every day and that we only miss when we don’t have them anymore. This could be something as simple as having a compatible fighting style and someone that you can really let rip with or someone that keeps the bed warm so you don’t get into a cold bed at night. If you are single you probably don’t go home and enjoy cooking a meal for one but when there’s two of you there is a reason to cook and someone to enjoy eating with.

Enjoying the simple things in a relationship

For many of us we long for someone to share our lives with but it is important to remember that even when life is a little less than exciting and you are wanting something more than what you have offers so many things that other people long for. OK, so being in a relationship may get comfortable after a while but it’s this comfort that many single people don’t have. It could be something as simple as being handed a glass of wine after you walk through the door after a long day or having someone to give you a hug when you’ve had a bad day. Sitting around wishing you had something to do is much better when you have company. Getting a movie and ordering a takeaway, having a neck rub or just someone else to do the washing when you are not feeling great are all underrated parts of being in a relationship.

It’s not always romantic

The things we romanticise about when we are younger are the moonlit walks, the romantic walks barefoot along the beach, being swept off our feet and treated to a weekend away. These are great and they do exist but it can’t always be like that. Eventually, the reality of daily life will set in and the excitement may wear off a little.

The unromantic parts of a relationship

Once the initial honeymoon period is over and you are settled into a routine, the unromantic things will start to creep in. You may be madly in love with your partner but there will still be things that you will discover aren’t so great. If life was perfect all of the time we would soon get bored of that too.

Getting used to bad habits

You will discover each other’s bad habits and you will have to learn to negotiate and compromise on certain things. You may be perfectly tidy and a little OCD and they be a bit of a slob. You might find yourself or your partner constantly on the phone of an evening checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush instead of watching the programme that you wanted to sit down and watch together. These bad habits can creep in and be a constant annoyance, then the rot can start to set in. Communication and compromise is key and you will have to remind yourself why you fell in love with each other and discuss the issues. Relationships take work and the ability to get past the little things is another underrated part of a relationship.

The qualities of a good relationship

Many people take their relationship for granted and think that the grass is greener when in fact it would be just the same but with different issues. While there may be something that your partner does that annoys you, there will be someone else out there that will have a different set of bad habits. You have to learn to communicate and to appreciate each other’s views and opinions. Give and take is one of the key qualities of a good relationship and one that requires work. If you are willing to work then congratulations, your relationship has a better chance than most.

Nice thoughts about your relationship

For everything that annoys you perhaps it is a good idea to have nice thoughts to counteract this. When your partner does something that irritates you or makes you question your romance perhaps you can remind yourself of things that you love about them. Think positive thoughts about your relationship and always remind yourselves what you saw in each other in the first place. Make a list of those underrated parts of your relationship that perhaps aren’t so obvious.

When you are weighing up the pros and cons of being with your partner it is important not only to consider all the good times and the bad times but also the small things that perhaps you don’t usually consider. The underrated things that you take for granted are often the things that you will miss the most. It can’t be flowers and roses all the time but with a bit of work, communication, and compromise you can have a relationship that really stands the test of time and is the envy of all of your friends.