The Real Benefits of Having a Boyfriend Around


Since Valentine’s Day is over and done with, you might have thought to yourself that you’re tired of living the single life and you want a boyfriend. You’re tired of struggling with those new jars of pickles, you don’t want to sit through your sister’s dinner parties alone, and you just want someone to sleep with on the regular. While these are all okay reasons to want to be in a relationship, there are some real benefits to fall in love.

Here are 6 reasons why it’s good to be in a relationship:


1. Coupled folk are less likely to have a heart attack.

Aside from living a healthier lifestyle, being in a relationship can also help with that. According to the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, being coupled could help against heart attacks too. The study analyzed people in Finland and showed that coupled men and women had better chances of not suffering from a heart attack when compared to their single counterparts.

2. Coupled folk have better mental health.

If you’re single, the University of California believes you’ll have more psychosocial distress than your coupled friends.

3. Coupled folk live longer.

Despite the fact that sometimes your partner makes you feel like you’re going to kill each other from time to time, the truth is being coupled actually makes you live longer. The research conducted by Michigan State University suggests that Caucasian men and women who get end up getting hitched will live longer than if you just cohabitate. Interestingly, they couldn’t find the same association with other ethnicities.

4. Long-term relationships improve your health.

Women in a long-term relationship tend to have better mental health and men tend to be more physically fit. Not only that, but these benefits seem to increase the longer the relationship. On the other hand, Cardiff University conducted a research that indicates that relationships can have the opposite effect if it isn’t a happy one.

5. Coupled men are happier than single men.

Stop the presses! According to Michigan State University researchers, men who get coupled are actually the happy ones! So the next time your buddies tell you that you’re going to be miserable, you can drop this bombshell on them.

6. People who are coupled have better recovery times after a surgery.

Maybe it’s not wanting to be a burden on your significant other, several studies conducted by researchers at Emory and Rutgers university’s suggests that if you go through a surgery (namely a heart surgery), you’re going to fair better than if you were single.



What we can conclude from this list is that not only are boyfriends great to snuggle with and can be the muscle around the house, they actually can improve other aspects of our life like our mental health, our heart health, and of course our happiness.

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