What Do the Mixed Signals You Receive from a Guy Really Mean?

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Are you receiving mixed signals from a guy? It happens to the best of us. In fact, it probably happens to almost everyone at one point or another. People are complex beings and most have periods when they are hard to read, for one reason, or another. Thankfully there are some things that will help you decipher what the signals mean.

First of all, remember that men are fairly straightforward. The movie He’s Not That into You has a valid point: if he doesn’t call, he doesn’t text and he doesn’t ask you out for dates on a regular basis, chances are he’s not interested…unless he’s already in a relationship he doesn’t want to mess up, or he’s in a position in life where he doesn’t feel he should be dating someone, or you in particular for some reason. Basically, most men who are interested in a woman will make sure the woman knows, unless there are extraordinary circumstances (like, say, you used to date his best friend…).

On the other hand, men get caught up in life. If you meet a man when he’s two months away from a big promotion, it’s very possible he wants to date you, but won’t make a move properly until he’s certain the promotion is his. He might, on the flip side of the coin, just have lost his job and not want to date women until he feels he can present his life in a nicer light. Some men are more focused on work than anything else as well – it’s not personal, it’s just where their priorities are, whether now or always.

Of course, men, just like women, sometimes need time to make up their mind about how they feel about someone. During that time, chances are they will send mixed messages.

Other men don’t want to hurt you and will find it hard to say no to you, even though they aren’t all that into you. Rather than telling you straight out, they think if they’re flaky you’ll walk away on your own accord.

Many men are, as mentioned, straightforward, if he is sending mixed signals then he is mixed up – he doesn’t want to say yes, nor does he want to say no. The question is, is that enough? Do you want a guy who has one foot in the door and the other out? Or do you want a guy who has other priorities in life, even if he likes you? Some guys might even love you, but they want a life that’s 90% career. Is that OK with you?

The easiest way to figure out a guy is to figure out what you want. Do you enjoy mixed signals? If not, give him less of your time until he gives you clear signals. If he truly wants you he will soon chase after you. The crucial thing is to never give more than he’s willing to give, otherwise, you set the tone for a relationship that will never serve you. Give him a chance to chase after you, but if he doesn’t see the light, then ask him straight out what he wants after a while because the last thing you want is a half functioning relationship with someone. Remember this: having a poor relationship with a great guy is never going to make you happy. Check if he wants a great relationship, if not, wave goodbye.