6 Clear Signs You Love a Narcissist

woman and narcissistic man

Have you ever gotten the feeling that the guy you’re into is a little more preoccupied with himself more than you? Or, maybe you’re so blinded by love that you can’t recognize this, even though your friends tell you time and time again that he’s so self-absorbed and doesn’t pay any attention or support you at all?

Sadly, narcissistic people tend to be incredibly selfish, and they don’t care about anyone else unless they can benefit. These types of people aren’t going to be anxious to support you in your endeavors, and they may give you sneaky ultimatums so that they get their way. You may know the saying “it’s my way or the highway”, right? It was probably a narcissist who said it first.

So, how can you tell for sure if you’re dating a narcissistic jerk? We’re glad you asked!

1. He isn’t considerate of your thoughts, feelings, or ideas.

This guy is going to say and do whatever he wants without taking into consideration what you feel or think about it. He doesn’t take advice or suggestions from anyone else because they think they know best. If he does like your idea, he’ll claim it as his own.

2. Everything revolves around him.

Oddly enough, although they are self-absorbed, they tend to be pretty generous. This usually causes a conflict because what they want usually is not the same thing that you want. Remember, that nice dress that he bought you? It’s probably because he wants to show you off to his buddies. It might have looked like a sweet gesture, but there are ulterior motives behind it.

3. He refuses to live by anyone else’s rule book.

This guy will set rules that he expects you to “abide” by, but he won’t follow them himself. They think they are more important and special than anyone else, so they believe that the rules (even their own) do not apply to them.

4. He doesn’t care about your problems.

Narcissists are so consumed with their own lives, they don’t care about anyone else’s — even yours. If you tell him that you’re upset about something that doesn’t concern him, he won’t be interested because they’ll think it is a criticism of themselves. Maybe they won’t take things personally, they aren’t going to respond with anything helpful or sympathetic. They may even act irritated because you’re complaining about them.

5. When you have an argument, he blames you for anything.

This guy will be unwilling to take responsibility for anything that may go wrong in the relationship. He will blame you for everything that has been going wrong, be it a burnt dinner, a bounced check, or even cheating. Oh yes, they may blame their infidelity on you somehow. They may say you may have gained weight, you don’t have sex with him enough, or who knows what else.

6. He’ll blame you for the reason he is angry.

You know how he’ll blame you for an argument? He’ll blame you for being angry too. They’ll blame you because they think they are sustaining their own self-worth. Hopefully, you aren’t going to respond in kind, though because they’ll get enraged.

If you realized that you are dating a narcissist, you might want to run for the hills. It’s more important that you stay calm and think whether he is worth dealing with. There’s no reason to give up. Patience can go a long way.