Dating Advice for Women – The Guide to Make Your Relationship Perfect

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There’s an old saying about learning from your mistakes. In the complex world of human relationships, it’s surely far better to avoid mishaps in the first place. The good news is that with a modicum of common sense and an injection of good, honest advice, it is quite possible for you to approach dating with confidence, safe in the knowledge you are fully prepared to achieve your high expectations.

Best online dating tips for women

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Much as dating sites have revolutionized the way men and women connect, it’s never a good idea to become overly reliant on this source of kick-starting your relationships. This will put undue pressure on you, leaving you fretting about progress and wondering why it’s taking so long to meet with the man of your dreams when the reality is a nightmare: an inbox cluttered with messages from sleazy opportunists.

Always keep an open mind regarding every avenue where you could just as easily encounter someone interesting. Online dating is an excellent and convenient method of hooking up with potential partners, but just because these websites have proliferated in the past few years doesn’t mean regular dating has stopped. You are just as likely to meet a man who will set your pulse racing in a more traditional setting, such as your local wine bar or health club. Who knows, tomorrow morning you might get asked to take a handsome new start on a guided tour of the office.

When it comes to computer romance the best dating advice begins with painting a picture that will instantly provoke a positive reaction. Like any avenue in life, the first impression will be one that lingers longest. You’d never head off to meet a date in a trendy restaurant dressed in tracksuit bottoms, so why would you use some cheesy selfie for your profile photo? Since dating sites will present page after page of attractive faces, many of them Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, it’s crucial you submit your most drop dead gorgeous portrait, one that’ll get guys queuing up to get to know you better.

Let your personality shine through

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With online dating your biography must be just as eye-catching as that headline image. You don’t need to go into the intricate details of what you do at work – this will come out in time as your potential partner and you get into more in-depth conversations. No politics or controversial social views, either. Keep your narrative easy to read and straight to the point. Dust it with humor and a dash of risqué double-entendres. Stress the subjects you are passionate about. Really sell yourself as someone whose personality sparkles and would be cool and fascinating company during romantic evenings out. And able to raise the temperature several notches when you share nights in.

Guys are particularly drawn to physical fitness, so even if you have to stretch the truth, insist you love working out at the gym. If you really want to hook prospective partners, emphasize your favorite activities include swimming, soaking in a hot tub, or relaxing in a spa. A lot of men are superficial, primarily driven by testosterone. Conjure a mental image of yourself wearing next to nothing is one of the oldest tricks in any woman’s dating handbook: it’s akin to hormonal hypnotism. Very soon you’ll be spoiled for choice as messages from suitors clog your inbox.

Another dating guide for the internet – offline is better

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Although online dating is a fabulous way to meet people, the truth of the matter is that far more unsuitable candidates for a longer-term relationship than suitable ones will pop up. Many guys will plague the females sharing these websites because they are merely looking for sex. But you’ll quickly grasp the signs that the person sending you repeated texts has a one-track mind and will be coming out with the same hackneyed chat-up lines to any number of women. What should you be aware of? Does he seem disinterested in what you have to talk about generally and keep dropping hints about meeting up in some hotel? Is his flirting technique as subtle as sledgehammer? Instead of complimenting your profile photograph does he keep suggesting you email him bikini shots?

Once you do connect with someone decent, friendly and sexy on whichever site you prefer, do spend further time exchanging racy messages. But your relationship will only progress to the next level when you decide to take it offline and begin dating in the ‘normal world.’

First date advice for women – how to get males hooked

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An important point to make is that much of the tips on dating that are bandied about are age specific. What a teenage girl is looking for in her dates will vary considerably from what a middle-aged divorcee is after. Cougars have very specific tastes and wouldn’t entertain the possibility of snaring a partner the same age as their boring ex-husband. Younger women are less likely to be attracted to older men, especially when they’ve been married before and have children. With mature women, family ties are not such an issue.

It’s always worthwhile having some preconceived notions about what you’re looking for in your date; perhaps a better way to put this would be considering what you’re not looking for. This might include smokers, excessive drinkers or recreational drug users, guys who obsess about cars or sports, men who are unfit or overweight, or those with extreme political views. Of course these negative checklists will vary from person to person, but there are several listed there that will be universal.

Although there may well be a tendency to be attracted to males from the same socio-economic group or work background, this isn’t always the case. There is an adage that opposites attract. In fact, when women using dating sites are randomly questioned about the type of partner they’re most likely to be drawn to, statistics often reveal that professional females tend to go for creative types. This is mirrored in the real world, where women appreciate the traditional male virtues of courage, decisiveness and authority. In short, they may be far more likely to secretly lust after firefighters or medics than accountants or tax inspectors.

Further dating help

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When it comes to progressing a relationship there are many falsehoods out there. For instance, your friends might interject with advice about ‘keeping him on his toes’ by not appearing to be overly keen. After a date where you’ve had a great time, you might well be cautioned not to contact the guy for several days. Apparently, this will ensure he knows he can’t take you for granted. This is preposterous. Here is the possible outcome of ‘playing it cool’: he assumes you’re not all that interested after all and consoles himself by going for a drink with that girl at the office who is always flirting with him. In less than a week you’ve become just another ex, and it’ll likely take you much longer to get over the loss. It would be far better to embark on a healthy partnership where there aren’t mind games involved, only a lot of honesty and fun.

Truth and nothing but the truth in your partnership

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The joys of starting a new relationship are varied. Whether you’re looking for someone to be your plus one at some forthcoming event or are searching for something far more long lasting, simply seeing their name pop up when you receive a text can be enough to quicken your heartbeat. If you want to forge a meaningful union it’s important to start as you mean to go on.

With Internet dating there can be a tendency to embellish facts when you are at the stage of trying to impress someone you don’t really know that well. But once you do begin to make a connection, untruths can sow the seeds of mistrust, and once that takes hold the relationship is doomed. Further down the line honesty can be taken to its logical conclusion when you are confident enough to discuss real issues, such as expressing how you really feel about each other.

Casting baggage overboard

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Following on from establishing an environment of honest communication, if you want to make the best out of a relationship it’s important to be emotionally mature. Perhaps you’ve been hurt in the past and find it difficult to commit wholeheartedly when you meet someone new, even if there seems to be real potential. Carrying forward unwelcome baggage is not conducive to a healthy partnership, even if you find yourself contrasting the present positives with past negatives. The time has come for you to embrace the moment, consign unhappy memories to history and stand on your own two feet.

This does require a leap of faith if you have been in a vulnerable position before. Unfortunately, that is part of getting involved in adult relationships. It will be impossible to embrace the joys of getting to know someone special while you are constantly picking at emotional scars. If you want your partnership to bloom you’ll need to make it known you are fully available.

Golden rules for any new relationship

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Aside from the need for open, mature behavior, it’s also worthwhile looking at issues that could be described as more simplistic, but which are nevertheless crucial if you want to avoid pitfalls. As you are getting to know each other, avoid over-reliance on stimulants. Everyone gets nervous before dates with someone who, perhaps until fairly recently, was a complete stranger. While it is tempting to resort to a few drinks for Dutch courage, there will be nothing more offputting to the guy you are just getting to know than signs of drunkenness, or of having taken some other substances to artificially boost confidence. Apart from the embarrassment of having to steady you while you bang into chairs and draw everyone’s attention, you’ll merely give the impression you aren’t serious about dating at all. He might even conclude that you party like this all the time, in which case you’re hardly the type of person who anyone would want to commit to.

Once you get to know each other you can certainly enjoy going overboard on special occasions, in which case mutual inebriation can be wonderful fun. But only once you become fully acquainted, and even then moderation is advised.

Conclusion – abandon preconceived ideas about your relationship

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It’s only natural that you might have developed a secret wish list about what you want from a partner. This could have been influenced by any number of sources, from friends’ advice to columns you’ve pored over in a magazine. The problem with these lists is practicality. Perhaps you’ve always daydreamed about meeting up with a handsome heart surgeon or an entrepreneur who owns a fabulous country retreat. On the other hand, perhaps you don’t succumb to the fantasies promoted in stereotypical literature.

Any so-called wish list shouldn’t be based on what could be termed materialistic aspirations, such as occupations or the makes of car you’d like him to drive, or even more basic considerations such as hairstyle or height. Instead focus on generalizations, such as possessing a great sense of humor.

If a relationship is approached pragmatically it will blossom. Forget mind games or dwelling on previous experiences. Instead look to the future with the person you’re with now, but not necessarily too far ahead. There will be plenty of time to fret about the longer term picture with all those inherent considerations such as settling down in an ideal home or starting a family. In the meantime, you can relax and keep getting to know your partner – because any relationship, no matter how settled it seems to have become, will always be an ongoing process. That’s why it has the potential to stay exciting.