Do Women Want to Control Men?

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It’s commonly suggested that women can be controlling when in a relationship. But due to the fact that everyone is different and no two relationships are the same, this isn’t always the case. There are a number of reasons as to why women may appear to be controlling in a relationship, which was we’re going to look at today.

Women Who Like to Be in Control

In life, both men and women have different characteristics, attributes, and personalities. After all, if we were all the same, it would be a boring world to live in! If we look back to 60 years ago or so, men were the dominant sex. Men were usually the ones who brought home a wage and made the important decisions, while the women would cook, clean, and look after the children. If we fast forward to now, things have changed – a lot! Women’s right have continued to flourish and grow, and particularly in the Western world, women have more control over their jobs, home life, and family situation.

Some women simply know what they want, and when they go out and work hard for their dreams and desires, it can be perceived as negative. Particularly if these types of women are in relationships, they can be seen as controlling. But the word ‘controlling’ connotes negative meaning. If a woman is in control of her life, her marriage, and all the other struggles that modern lifestyle brings, she should be commended.

Women Who Control Men

Yes, strong women who know what they want can be empowering, however, it’s safe to say that there are women out there who go a little ‘crazy’ when in a relationship and do try to control their man. Maybe it’s down to a yearning for attention or a characteristic of neediness that is deep-rooted in them from an early age, but some women simply do want to control their partner’s comings and goings. Maybe she doesn’t like him going out with the boys (this could indicate trust issues) or she nags and moans a lot (this could have stemmed from her own upbringing), regardless of how the woman in a relationship is controlling, it can be a massive turn off and soon end unpleasantly.

Signs of a Controlling Relationship

If the control of a woman in a relationship isn’t entirely obvious, it can be important to note some key signs that a woman is becoming more controlling. Some women will use sex as a control method in order to persuade him to comply with her demands. Alternatively, and most commonly, women will use tears to control men. By becoming weepy and emotional when a man refuses to comply with the woman’s needs and wants, she’ll begin the waterworks that then make the man feel guilty, usually meaning that he’ll go along with what she wants. Every Relationship is different, so always remember that you are both equal in order to have a happy and healthy partnership.