Where Do Women Go to Meet Single Men?

two men and woman drinks

Places, where to meet single men, aren’t as few and far as you may believe. Many women are under the impression that there are no single men to even meet, let alone where to meet them! Well, good news ladies!

We’ve uncovered 16 of the best places where to meet these eligible bachelors.

1. The Bar – Hey, everyone needs a place to go to relax after a hard day at work, sometimes, so why not relax at the bar with a good cocktail?

2. The Market – Whether it is the supermarket, the farmers market, the mall, or maybe the convenience shop, these places are great opportunities to meet men on the fly.

3. Online – This should be a no-brainer. Where else are you going to go in order to meet thousands of men without ever stepping outside of your home?

4. Church (or place of worship) – These types of places are ideal places to go if you want to find a guy who has similar core beliefs and values.

5. The Water Cooler – While you are at work, you’re probably going to run into someone new that you may not have had the pleasure of meeting before. Strike up a conversation and let it go from there.

6. Newspaper Ads – Although it isn’t as popular as it once was, people still do place personal ads in the newspaper.

7. College Campuses – College is the perfect place to meet eligible men. Not only are college campus’ full of like-minded people, but you’re also working toward your future. Double score!

8. Friends – By enlisting the help of your friends to help you meet someone, you are certain that you are being introduced to someone who is at least somewhat compatible with you—after all, your friends should know who is your type and what you’re looking for in a partner.

9. The Gym – When you’re working hard to stay in shape, people take notice. So, of course, the gym is a great place to meet a single guy. Just be sure not to interrupt him while bench pressing; you don’t want him to hurt himself!

10. Your Favorite Diner or Restaurant – You cannot go wrong with frequenting your favorite diner or restaurant if you are trying to meet a single guy. Chances are if you’re a regular, you are going to find a guy who frequents just as much as you. You can chat about your favorite dishes (and maybe even your not so favorite dishes), and maybe even share a dessert together.

11. Work – While some work places have strict policies on inter-office relationships, there are many that do not—especially if you aren’t fraternizing the upper management. Work is a great place to meet someone, especially since you spend a good 8 to 10 hours a day there.

12. On Vacation – Who ever said that all women who are looking to meet a single guy are looking for a relationship? Sometimes all you need is a quick vacation fling to cure those bits of loneliness.

13. The Park – Whether it is the dog park, a hiking trail, or the regular park, these places are perfect places to meet men.

14. The Plane – While it may not be the most romantic setting for a meeting, you can’t deny that the close quarters and the long flight isn’t a bad way to meet someone new. Let’s just hope you aren’t sitting on a flight with a screaming baby or by someone really obnoxious.

15. A House Party – Sometimes the best way to meet a guy is when there is great music, a carefree vibe, and free-flowing alcohol. It may not turn out to be a relationship for the ages, but at least it will make for a cool story and maybe even a brief romance.

16. An Acting Workshop – If you’ve always fancied yourself a bit of a drama queen with a flair for dramatics, then these workshops are good places to start your hunt for a man. You can either be yourself or be someone completely different. Either way, he will be impressed by your talent and may want to get to know you—the real you!