Signs That He is in Love with You

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Love is a complicated thing; we all wish to have it, but many don’t know the process involved with falling in love. How there are certain things our partner does that makes us begin to love them or how we build-up affection towards them depending on their attitude towards the relationship. Unsurprisingly, many of these things are subconscious and we don’t realize what makes us fall in love with another person. Most of the time, women can tap into their feelings more as it is more acceptable for them to display them, so knowing how a woman falls in love is a lot simpler. Guys, however, don’t tend to be open about their feelings – especially early in the relationship – so it appears they fall in love with a woman randomly but that is not the case. Just as there is with a woman there is a process that enables men to fall in love and we discuss some of the things that make them tick.

What Makes a Guy Fall in Love?

Firstly, we want to say don’t try to force any of these behaviors as it will appear ingenuine and prevent you from pursuing honest relationships with someone you care about. We’re simply discussing traits that relate to a man’s primitive desire to find a mate and how that translates into modern day dating and relationships. Women display the similar sets of primitive preconditions for their mate, just as men do, but they differ slightly as men and women take on profoundly different roles in their relationships. Some of the behaviors men subconsciously look for in their partner are:

Feeling Supported

Women have typically always acted as caregivers and nurturers in relationships, so it is incredibly important for a man to feel supported in a variety of different way but mainly emotionally. Men depend on women to act as their emotional rocks and as someone to turn to when they can’t talk to anyone else. Even the most effeminate man has trouble openly displaying insecurities and needs someone who he can trust to make him feel supported.

Making Him Feel Masculine

Men normally take on a protector role within the relationship, so it is incredibly important to make them feel masculine and strong within your partnership. Men want to feel needed just as much as women do but in a slightly different way. Small things, like getting them to help you open a jar, can make them feel depended on and masculine.


As previously discussed, men need women for emotional support, therefore building-up a friendship between you and your partner is an integral step in creating a stronger intimate connection between the two of you. He wants to know that you aren’t just there for emotional support but can act as a friend and confident too. Building a strong friendship is integral to a relationship as you’ll be spending a considerable length of time together.

Deep Connection

Once again, men like to have a strong connection with a woman as they want to be able to depend on her for support. If you make him feel as though you completely understand him – his point of view, opinions and emotions – and are genuinely interested in getting to know him on a deeper level, then he’ll start to feel a strong connection towards you.


Although men and women like to depend on one another within a relationship that doesn’t mean you have to be around one another constantly. By being confident enough to do your own thing, spend time with your friends and enjoy your time alone, you’ll be showing your man that you can work together coherently and that even when you’re apart you’re still strong together.

Signs He is Falling in Love with You

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Understanding the above behaviors will allow you to tell whether your man is falling in love with you or not as the above-desired traits amplify themselves in your man when he believes that he is falling in love. However, for the sake of clarity and to help you understand your man on a deeper level we have listed some of the most common signs that may indicate that he is falling in love with you.


This comes back to his desire to be masculine and act as your natural protector. When he starts to fall in love with you he’ll become more protective as he believes, subconsciously, that this is his role in the relationship. Becoming more protective means he’s taking your partnership seriously and has begun to think of you as a serious partner.

Genuinely Interested

He will want to know everything about you; how was work, what are you up to and your thoughts on just about everything as he cares for you. As a man falls in love he’ll begin to respect you more and genuinely be interested in your life and your thoughts, so if he appears more engaged in conversation, then it could mean he is falling for you.

Wants to Spend Time with You

When you care for someone it is undeniable that you want to spend as much time with them as possible. If a guy is at this point, then it may indicate he trusts you enough and feels vulnerable enough to be able to be open with you consistently. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to be apart from you as his feelings and thoughts drive him to you at every turn.

Emotionally Vulnerable

If your man has started to open-up to you about his emotions, thoughts and his past, then it could be a clear sign that he is falling for you. It is a lot harder for a man to be open with his emotions because of his perceived role in society, so if he is opening up to you, then it means he trusts you enough to let his guard down.

Signs of a Good Relationship

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Falling in love is a magical experience and everyone should have the opportunity to find it, but it isn’t the end goal not even by a long shot. Falling in love with someone is just one step in allowing us to form strong and mutually beneficial relationships that help you deal with the world around you. Forming an honest and stable relationship is where love should naturally lead to, so if you’re implementing these tools in your partnership, then you know you’re on the path to creating something amazing.

Effective Communication

You need to be able to openly communicate with one another – even regarding awkward and difficult conversations – as a relationship can only thrive if you’re willing to be genuine towards one another. Being able to talk without placing blame, heightening your emotions or dismissing the other person’s points is integral to forming a successful relationship. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, if you can’t communicate with someone effectively, then it is all for naught.

Emotional Intimacy

You need to feel comfortable with one another even in your darkest and most vulnerable moments you need to be able to call upon your partner to support you. Emotional intimacy needs to be worked on and is built upon the trust you from within your relationship. It is hard work but the only way to becoming a true partnership is through trusting one another emotionally.

Free Time

You need to be able to breathe and say that you love and trust one another enough that you don’t have to spend all your time together. A willingness to be apart and to not worry about one another when you show that you have truly formed a strong bond with your partner.

Falling in love is never easy and there isn’t an exact formula or method to follow that’ll lead you to fall in love with someone or get them to fall for you. If you work well together and bounce off one another, then its only natural that you’ll begin to form deeper connections with each other as time goes on. You don’t try to force it as it’ll never work; let nature take its course and see where your relationship will lead you.

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