I’m Dating Someone and He is Out of My League


Being with someone who ticks all your boxes and is an all-round amazing guy can be a joyous win for your dating life. However, it can all sink to romantic nothingness in your heart if you feel they are right for you but you just are not right for them. If you are not careful this convicting sense of self-doubt can lead to the untimely end of a great relationship and multitude of further disappointment.

The term ‘out of his league’ has existed for decades and intends to describe the dynamic of a relationship where one individual is supposedly above the other in any sense; this may be through the different levels of physical attractiveness, personality or maybe accomplishments. It can lead many people away from others to avoid a sense of rejection and lowered self-esteem. Who wants to live through the awkwardness of pedestrians wondering why on earth you guys are together, when walking on the street or in a store, right? Do you sometimes question why he is with you or why out of the great women there are in the world, he picked you? We are here to help you navigate through this wilderness of confusion and self-doubt and to let you know that it does not matter how out of balance it all seems you are where you are supposed to be and that is with him!

Dating a Man Out of Your League

The notion that people exist in leagues suggests that there are certain groups of people that share commonalities and because of this they can only date each other. This also means that one should not or cannot date out of their own league because they may or may not be better than the person they are interested in. It is also to do with perceptions and how we think others views and how we view them. You may feel like he is ahead of you somehow and that you are not the right woman for him. This may make you judge his decision and maybe even his intentions towards you. Above all, it raises a sense of self-doubt that you just cannot ignore. If you cannot get it out of your mind that you are dating a guy out of your league, then it about changing your perception of yourself. Start elevating aspects of your personality and looks and changing the way you think about these things. This is especially important because the guy you are dating most likely sees you in a better light than you see yourself. When you get on the road to self-value you start to see what it is he sees in you and loves about you the most!

Is He Out of Your League and Are You Meant to be?

You may question whether you are meant to be. This comes from an ideology that relationships are dependent on whether two people are within the same league. This is not the case, considering the fact that relationships are built of connections and whether you are attracted to a person in any capacity. If you do go by this way of thinking, then there are tell-all sign that he is out of your league. It may be that he is a gorgeous looking man, but you feel you are up to scratch in the looks department. You notice that girls who are completely different from you always want his attention. It may be that he has so much going for him, while you are just ok. All these signs and more can make you feel like you are in totally different leagues. Yet sometimes it is great to date someone who ahead of you in any way, to push you to strive to be a better person. It is not, however, there for the purpose of putting you down but rather to propel you into being a great girlfriend and person in general. One thing to remember is that it does not make you any less important or valuable.

Should You Date People Out of Your League

Dating someone who is out of your league, may feel like a no-go area and seems like a romantically impossible task. Nevertheless, you should not allow such a hazy idea stop you from finding the love of your life and the perfect partner. You come across someone who really tickles your fancy but you are afraid of potential reject and how different you are as people. Remain oblivious to those thoughts and confidently go ahead and make your move! Stop boxing yourself in and allowing very skewed schools of thought dictate how and who you date. It is all about finding comfort in who you are and developing self-love. This will make it much easier to get with whoever you want and ignore the rules of dating within your league.

As impossible as it may seem the idea of a guy being out of your league is primitive. There is no rulebook or statue to justify it! Yes, he may be wickedly handsome and have an amazingly infectious personality but this does not mean that you cannot be together. You may feel that you cannot match that but somehow he still wants you.

Which means that despite your preconceptions about yourself he saw something in you that was valuable. As primitive and unsupported as the term ‘in his league is’ he decided that you were in his and that is why you are dating. It is about who you connect with as opposed to equality in attractiveness or accomplishments.

Dating should be a fun and enjoyable experience so do not feel limited and think your love-life is predetermined at all!