How to Ask a Guy Out On a Date: The Ultimate Guide


Do Guys Like It When Girls Ask Them Out?

Should a woman ask a man out? This is a question that has been debated for decades because let’s face it: it’s not always convenient to sit around waiting for a guy to get hit by a bout of divine inspiration and courage that makes him ask you out! However, some guys are much more comfortable being the ones doing the asking, so it’s a fine line.

Basically, you have two options if you want a guy to ask you out: use your flirtatious charms to propel him to ask you out, or ask him out. Either way, you’re taking initiative to make something happen.

Asking a Guy Out Without Asking Him Out – Flirt Your Way to a Date

Guys like to feel manly and empowered and because asking women out has been something men have done for centuries, they often have some of their manly pride invested in daring and succeeding in asking women out. Women, on the other hand, often fall for the men confident enough to take charge and ask them out. For that to happen though, a man needs to know you’re interested. Some men are also incredibly shy and/or not great at picking up signals, so you have to flirt a bit extra with them for them to get the drift.

The pros of charming a man into asking you out is that he will most likely feel very flattered by your attentions, whilst also still feeling all manly and brave that he did the asking (the male ego is what it is!).

So how do you charm a man?

The starting point of all flirting is smiling and catching his eye. Once the two of you start doing that on a regular basis, you know there’s something in the air…

Secondly, you need to establish a connection – talk and laugh together. Use any excuse to get the conversation going – from complimenting his new bag, to laughing about being soaked after a sudden shower. Then try and find things you have in common to talk about.

Thirdly, tease and flirt. The way to get past the “friend zone” is to make a man see you in a sexual context. Without any attraction sparked, he isn’t going to ask you out. Use innuendo, your womanly charms and a bit of teasing. Men respond particularly well to challenges, so be sure to tease him when he says he’s good at something!

Lastly, once you’ve established there’s chemistry, drop hints big enough that he’s stupid not to see them. Talking about movies you can say something like: “Oh and XYZ movie is being released soon – I’m dying to see it, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of movie my friends like. I need to find out as I have to see it! I’ve been waiting for like a year for the release.” You’re clearly so excited about the movie that he will never suspect you just practically asked him out (if you’re begging, it doesn’t work). You can do the same talking about restaurants, hiking spots, museum exhibitions… Take your pick! You can even tell him you make a mean pasta while giving him a teasing smile and hope he’ll grab the bait…

How to Ask a Guy Out and Not Get Rejected

If you want to ask a guy out without being rejected, do all the above, save from dropping big hints, and if you sense there’s chemistry, ask him out.

If you prefer you can try something that isn’t too big a deal, like saying you’re having a dinner party and he could join (though he might get friend vibes from that), or something like “I so feel like I need a drink after this week. Hey, you wanna join me for one after work? It’d be good with some company!” Something like that works if you’re wondering how to ask a guy out over text as well!

Otherwise, if you have tickets for something, when he asks what you’re doing in the weekend say something like “I’m going to the basketball game. Got two tickets for it, a friend was meant to come but got sick, so need to find someone else. Hey! You wanna come? I was gonna ask XYZ, but you strike me as someone who’d love a good basketball game!” By saying you were going to ask someone else, you give him a way out too.

If you want to make it more obvious, on a day when you’re flirting you can tell him he should take you out for a drink. Say you’re talking about cooking and you’re telling him about that mean pasta you make. “Tell you what, you take me out for a drink one of these days and maybe I’ll make you some of that pasta…” It’s always good to challenge a guy – the caveman in him will fight for you!