Women: Your Brain on a Date

woman drinks coffee

Women can sometimes sabotage their own dating lives by over thinking. A lot of times they will deliberately look for reasons to end or ruin relationships because of the negativity that’s whirling in their minds. At the end of the day, happiness doesn’t depend on what we do or don’t have; rather it depends on what you think.

If you think of yourself as an unattractive woman, then that’s the persona you will project. Indulging in a pool of unnecessary thoughts is a terrible way to live, so here are 4 examples that get in the way of successful dating, and should be thoroughly avoided.

Trying To Read His Mind

Wondering what he’s thinking is the worst way to spend your date. You can easily misinterpret his thoughts by reading his facial expressions, gestures or intonation. So instead of trying to get into his head, just stay in yours. As your relationship progresses, his intentions will automatically become clear.

The first date is just for you to get acquainted with him and enjoying the moment.

Deciding on the First Date If He’s a Keeper or Not

It’s not completely unreasonable to start imagining your future with a guy you are going out with.
However, you will set yourself up for disappointment if you find he’s not a keeper. Nobody’s perfect.

You have to try to look at his flaws and focus on the positive aspects. Down the road, he may surprise you with his attractive qualities or he will make it clear that he’s not the best fit. In any case, you have to give him a few dates to prove himself worthy of a long-term relationship. So don’t walk into a date with a checklist that you cross off as the evening progresses.

Assuming He Only Wants You for Bedroom Fun

He’s a man with his manhood, so, of course, he wants you for an intimate relationship too. The idea is to go for someone that wants you for intimacy PLUS for love, and all the other good stuff. Some men make it very obvious from the beginning if all they want is to get in your pants and you will know because their eyes will linger on places besides your face.

While others (the ones you want to keep) will be understanding, good listeners and will show a strong effort to form a relationship. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference but after a few dates, you will know for sure.

Low Self Esteem

Stop being hard on yourself and stop thinking that you are not good enough for him! If you become too eager to impress somebody, it can significantly affect the quality of your dating life. Before you go on a date, give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself that you are who you are and you are proud of yourself. In the end, it’s your choice: do you want your dates to be a fresh breath of air or a swarm of bees?