10 Ways to Flirt Your Way into a Conversation with Any Guy

couple in autumn outfit

Many times women will go to a relationship coach and ask what they can do to so it’s easier to start a conversation with a guy. More importantly, they want to know how to flirt with a stranger. Typically these women fall into one of two camps:

1. They can hold their own when he starts the conversation.

2. They clam up as soon as he says something embarrassing or weird.

There is a third thing women need to consider!

Men often times are the ones who make the first move and approach a woman (or, in most cases, a group of women) to ask one of them to dance with him. After that, the lady talks to her friends to see if she should go out on the dance floor with him. Just imagine how agonizing that whole ordeal can be!

If you do, then you can sympathize and understand why men are relieved when you approach them.

So, that begs to question, how do you even start a conversation with a guy that you’ve never talked to before? You might be a little (or a lot?) surprised by how simple it can be!

Here are 10 simple ways to get that conversation going with the hottie that you’re interested in:

Offer a genuine compliment:

1. If you like something that he’s wearing, say something like, “That shirt looks really good on you! Where’d you get it?”

2. If you’re in a conference or a meeting and he says something you agree with, look for him after the meeting is over. Tell him that you appreciate and agree with his opinions.

3. If you’re at the gas station and he’s at the pump behind or next to you, tell him you’ve always loved that kind of car. Ask him what made him choose that particular car or if he breaks the speed limit often (if the car looks sporty).

4. If you’re in an elevator, ask him to press the button for your floor. When he does, offer a smile and say something like, “You should add that to your resume because you’re pretty awesome at it. What are your other skills?”

Just say hello while making eye contact:

5. While this may sound too simple, but any guy you say hello to will be flattered. Since this doesn’t happen all that often, not only will they be taken by surprise and will be happy to respond.

Ask him a question about something that is going on:

6. If you’re out dancing, ask him what kind of dancing he likes. If you are unfamiliar with it, ask if he’d be willing to teach you.

7. If you’re on the beach, ask him what he would do if he found a bottle with a message in it.

8. If you met at a party, ask him the directions he took to get there. You could tell him that you ran into some road work and you want to avoid it, or you could also ask if there were any cool places to get something to drink afterward along the route he took. This is a perfect opportunity to ask if he’d like to join you.

9. If you’re at a sporting event, ask which player they’d like to get pointers on how to play the game from.

Ask for his opinion:

10. If you’re shopping anywhere, ask his opinion on one product over another.

Let us know if any of these icebreakers worked for you in the comments!