8 Things You Do That Men Don’t Understand


Ladies, there’s some things that you do that man simply do not understand. It can make relationships incredibly awkward and downright frustrating.

For the most part, men are pretty practical. They say what’s on their minds and they act based on those thoughts. Because they follow the simplistic thought process—they can’t wrap their heads around some of the things that women do.

So, we’re here to make things a tad bit easier for the guys and explain some of the 8 things that women do that totally baffles the men.

1. “It’s Fine.”

We all know that when a woman says something is fine, things really are not fine. Men want you just to tell them what is wrong. Take a page from a guy’s book and speak whatever is on your mind, it’ll be so much easier.

2. High heels instead of a comfortable shoe choice?

Women torture themselves by wearing shoes that are far from comfortable. Men don’t understand why women suffer all in the name of fashion. There are some cute sneakers or flats you could wear—ditch the stilts and be more comfortable!

3. Why is your purse like a bottomless pit?

If you ask a guy to go into your purse to find something, he never can find it because your bag is like a bottomless pit. You keep everything and anything in there, and men don’t understand why.

4. Why is the bathroom like a meeting ground for the women?

Why on earth do women feel like they all have to go to the bathroom at once? Do you need to hold each other’s hands?

5. Why does it seem like chocolate is the cure-all?

We understand that chocolate is good, but does it really have the power to solve any problem that you face? You stub your toe, chocolate. You have a bad day, chocolate. You are celebrating your promotion, more chocolate.

6. Why do you ask for his opinion when you don’t really want it?

If you ask a guy their opinion, he will give it to you. However, if you don’t really want their opinion or heed their advice, then why even ask for it? Look, men are straightforward thinkers, and if you ask them a question, they’ll give you an answer. They are going to respond!

7. If you’re hungry, eat something!

Look, when you go out to the restaurant on a date, men expect you actually to eat something more than just a damn salad. If you’re hungry, get something! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can pick off their plates either! The only time it’s okay to snack from their plate is if they offer.

8. Why do you expect that men are mind readers?

Men can be a little dumb now and then, but that doesn’t mean they are mind readers. When women say that “you should just know,” they’ll only know if you tell them! Men and women communicate differently, and it’ll be so much easier for everyone involved.