6 Compliments Your Man Wants to Hear More Often


It’s always the women who are emotionally dependent on their significant others to feel loved and appreciated. Don’t get us wrong, men should continue showering their women with compliments and surprises, but what about them? It’s time that men should hear some uplifting compliments. Who doesn’t like to be cherished and praised by someone they love so dearly? So, let’s look at 6 types of compliments that your man wants to hear more often.

1. Show Him That You Love Him

Just like you want to feel loved and treasured, so does he. While the classical three golden words, “I love you”, are timeless, compliment on things that made you fall in love with him. It could be his kind gestures, his generosity or mere attentiveness. “I love how you look at me when I am talking.” This will show him that you realize how much he loves you and you love him back.

2. Show Him That You Respect Him

Feeling disrespected in a relationship can be really stressful. It might make your man feel unwanted or unappreciated. Help him feel better about himself by complimenting on things that make you respect him. “I appreciate how you helped out my parents with their renovation project.” This will show him that you are grateful for his efforts and he will respect you in return.

3. Show Him That You Trust Him

Men are natural leaders and they like to be trusted with important decisions. Deciding on matters without your man may make him feel that he is not capable of trust. Help him feel confident by confiding to him about everything you deem important. “I always love your advice. It has never failed me in the past.”

4. Show Him That You Believe in His Dreams

Nothing is more upsetting than your significant other making you give up on your dreams. Don’t try to change him just because you want to accomplish different things in your life. Rather, support him and help him achieve his goals in life. “I love how driven you are.” This will make him feel accomplished and motivated to do even better.

5. Show Him That You Appreciate His Efforts

When you cook a nice meal or laundry his clothes, you want to hear a thank you, at least. He feels the same way. He wants to feel appreciated for everything he does to make you happy. Compliment on things that he does for you, especially if he had to get out of his comfort zone. “Thank you for the surprise birthday party, it could not have been more perfect.” This will show him that his efforts weren’t in vain.

6. Show Him That You Are Attracted To Him

Much like women, men can also be insecure about their appearance. Give your man a boost of confidence by complimenting on the things that attract you to him. “That shirt looks great on you!” Such compliments will definitely make your man feel better about himself and he will love you more for it.