9 Tips to Flirt With a Guy You Want to Have a Conversation With

happy cople drinks coffee

One of the most common questions single women have for dating experts is how to talk to a man — more specifically a man that they don’t know but they find intriguing. Basically, they are asking how to effectively flirt with strangers.

There are two type of women:

1. She can talk to him if he initiates the conversation.

2. She cannot talk to him if he starts off on an awkward or embarrassing note.

What women don’t seem to realize that there is another option that should be taken into consideration: what if they approached the guy and struck up a conversation? Men are a lot like women and they are flattered when a woman takes the lead and approach him. After all, it is the guy who usually approaches her to ask if she’d like to dance. He is the one that buys the first drink and he is the one that asks for the phone number.

But, how exactly do you start a conversation with a guy who is a complete stranger to you? Here are 9 simple ways you can initiate a conversation with a guy you’re interested in.

1. Compliment him on something he is wearing. Be nice and attentive. Men like women who are girlish. Boost his self-confidence by looking straight into his eyes and smiling, while complimenting his appearance.

2. If you’re at a conference or class, take note of something he said. Then when the event is over, approach him and tell him that you found his comment/question interesting and would like to discuss the topic with him further over a coffee.

3. If you’re at a gas station and he is filling up at the pump close to you, you can tell him you like his car. You can then ask about the model and if it looks like a fast car, tease him by asking how he is able to stay within the speed limit.

4. If you’re in an elevator, you could ask him to press the button for your floor. You could then ask him a hypothetical question, like if your favorite celebrity walked into the elevator, what would you ask them.

5. Make eye contact and simply say hello. You would be surprised by how many men are caught off guard and will happily respond.

6. If you’re out at a dance club, you could ask him what his favorite dance is, or if he can teach you how to Dougie.

7. If you’re on the beach, you could ask him to apply sunscreen to your back or ask him what he would do if he found a message in a bottle asking to contact someone, would he do it?

8. If you’ve met him at a party, you could ask him how he got there. You could pretend that you are unfamiliar with the area and ask for the quickest way to get back to the highway (or some other location). This will allow him to feel useful and help you find your way.

9. Ask his opinion on anything. Whether you’re in the grocery store or if you’re browsing through some books at the library, a man loves when he is asked for his opinion.