The Best Sexy Questions to Spark Interest in Your Boyfriend

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Sultry and sexy language can be a very effective way of tickling fancy in your boyfriend, in ways that other methods may not. Asking your boyfriend sexy questions leaves his mind wandering and imagining all the possible answers to your questions. In many cases asking these kinds of questions has more than just one purpose because it can be for informative reasons or it can help in setting a seductive mood for a date or possible hook-up. Questions like these can be asked at specific times with specific intentions, thus it is important to consider when to ask them but most importantly what to ask your boyfriend. Read on and discover some of the best questions to ask your man to excite him and set the perfect tone for intimate time together.

Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

There are a plethora of sexy questions you can ask your boyfriend. It depends on your motives behind asking the questions. Are you merely looking to understand what he is into and what he may or may not like? On the other hadn’t you may want to turn him on by asking lots of raunchy rhetorical questions which will leave his mind wandering. Regarding the former, here are some great questions to help you understand what your boyfriend’s taste is and what he may be into?

Do You Have Any Fantasies?

This is a great question because it purports the idea that you are willing to go the extra mile and fulfill all of his sexual fantasies. Furthermore, nothing gets a guy excited and intrigued like his fantasy being played out in real life; this can be a thrilling experience for the both of you and he will undoubtedly appreciate your willingness brought by just asking such a sexy question.

Can You Come Over?

This question is all about timing, like many others, it should be used at a perfect time. This arguably the question every guy wants to hear. By asking if he is free it implies that you want to spend time or engage in other activities that involve him coming over. Either way, this question is a perfectly sexy one and can build up romantic suspense and anticipation in a guy.

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

If you want to amp up the sexual buzz in as well as outside the bedroom, asking some particularly intense questions can set the tone and drive your boyfriend crazy. Dirty questions arguably work best in the bedroom and can take light-heart moments to intense intimacy. Make use of questions you know will spark a response and bounce of this. For example, ask him what he wants you to do him or what he wants to do to you. These are questions that cross the boundaries and realms of soft sexual conversation. Do not be afraid to cross the limits, making sure that both of you are comfortable first and foremost.

Do You Want Me To?

This is a subjective question; you can tailor it to the needs of your man. Take into account what he responds to positively and ask if he likes when you do it. Of course you already know that he does but by asking you are reinforcing any positive emotions and responses he has; he sees that you take note of what he likes and are willing to do it whenever he wants you to.

Naughty Questions

If you want him to know that you are willing to go all the way with him, it is important that you ask specific questions that are suggestive. Naughty questions are arguably one of the biggest ways to turn your man on and inadvertently turn you on as well because they do create images in both your mind that would be sexually enticing.

What Would You Do If We Were Alone Right Now?

There may be times that you are not together and this does not mean you cannot maintain intrigue in your boyfriend. Asking what he would do if you were together and alone can build up for when you do eventually see each other and are not dependent on words but actions. Furthermore, it keeps him thinking of the best possible answer especially if you both get to fulfill it later. Additionally, the question suggests that he has free-reign over you because you are asking him about his actions and how he will take control. This question is a powerful way of enticing your boyfriend because men love to be in control and fuels all their fantasies.

Do You Want To Kiss Me?

Knowing how to ask such a question is very important. What are you doing? You may be really close and in each other’s personal space, fighting the inclination to get closer. Initiate further contact by asking what he wants to do for example, whether he wants to kiss you. By asking this you are indicating that you want to him kiss you and it almost gives the impression that your minds are meeting because you want the same thing. Men appreciate the confidence and a partner who indicates what it is they want exactly so they can respond to it accordingly.

Asking sexy questions is a wonderful way to keep your relationship fun and exciting for both you and your boyfriend. Therefore enjoy it and do not let it get too static and rehearsed. The best sexy questions come from spontaneity and responding to your boyfriend’s behaviour. Proposing appropriate questions help you in getting accustomed to what your man is into and can bring you closer together physically as well as sexually and emotionally because you get to know him more. So let these questions flow naturally and boost your romance in and out of the bedroom.