How to Woo a Woman or Win a Girl Over and Win Her Love!

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How to woo a lady and win her love

Modern dating can be a minefield, and it is particularly hard for guys-it is the men after all that are supposed to put in all of the hard work, do the chasing, and put themselves out there to win the girl -with the fear or rejection or worse, mockery always there to hold you back.

There are any number of pickup sites and questionable advice articles on the internet that purport to share no-fail tips on how to woo a woman or how to win a girl over, but most of these rely upon a degree of dishonesty, trickery or pickup artistry that are unlikely to work, and if they do, will soon lead to problems down the line when you stop maintaining your façade.

If someone special has caught your eye and you are determined to woo a lady and get her interested in you and keep her interested beyond the initial couple of dates, being yourself really is the way to go. However, there is no reason why you can’t make sure that the lady in question sees your best self, and you really can make yourself more appealing to women by knowing the qualities that women respond to best in order to achieve this-if you know how!

In this article, we will share some great tips on how to get a girl’s attention, win a girl over and ultimately, woo a lady and win her love, in just a few easy steps.

How to get a girl’s attention

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The hardest part of the dating game and the area at which guys are most likely to fail is the very first stage-getting a girl’s attention in the first place, and making sure that she likes what she sees! First impressions really do count, and how you go about getting a girl’s attention or leading her to notice you can make or break your chances, so when you have found a girl that you want to know better, don’t mess it up before you even get started!

A hot girl is likely to have several guys approach her every day, and not only does this mean that she will be smart enough to recognise a pickup, but that she will be able to spot a fake or a liar a mile off, so tread carefully. Girls like guys that are confident and direct, but being pushy rarely pays off-the secret of how to woo a girl is making the girl think that it was her that showed an interest in you first and that you followed up on this, not the other way around!
Make sure that you look and feel good, wear nice clothes and of course, be clean and fresh, and try to place yourself in the girl’s line of sight without invading her space. Make eye contact without staring, smile a little and look away, and glance back to see if the girl is still looking at you or smiling back-then make your play.

Avoid cheesy pickup lines or clichés, and just say hi and introduce yourself in the first instance-if you get a good response, be ready to follow up with an interesting or flattering comment or observation, but don’t make it graphic! Once you have the girl’s attention, you’re half way there-as long as you don’t mess it up further down the line!

How to be smooth with a girl

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So your dream girl has smiled, said hi or started talking to you-too many guys panic at this point, because they never expected to get that far, and have no idea what to do next!
If you don’t know how to be smooth with a girl, well, scripting a conversation is never a good idea, because it will sound stilted, forced and generic. However, having a good idea about things to say and how to cover awkward breaks in the conversation will make you look confident and relaxed, and help you to avoid saying something stupid!

If you are ever stuck for words, ask the girl something about herself-too many guys spend all of their time talking about themselves without listening to what the girl is saying too, so coming across as someone who is interested and really listening instead of just waiting for a break in the conversation so they can start talking will really stand out.

Another big area where guys often drop the ball is closing the conversation when it has reached its conclusion without securing the chance to meet up again-if you have had a really good conversation with a girl, she will expect you to ask her for her number, or to make some sort of move to arrange to see or speak to her again.

Arranging a date – How to text a woman (tips)

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Don’t just say “it was great to meet you” and walk away, hoping that the girl will run after you-she won’t! Try to get the girl’s number rather than simply offering yours-girls are often nervous about being the first one to text or call, so try to encourage her to give you a way to contact her or make a firm plan for a date rather than just saying “we should meet up some time.”

Often, texting is the best, low-pressure approach to following up on that first meeting-but you have to know how to text a woman! To get a response to your first text, try sending her a short initial message reminding her of your name (or where you met) and asking her a question.

This shows the girl that you have put some thought into contacting her and puts the onus on her to respond-simply saying “hello” is lazy, and might not get a response, particularly if the girl doesn’t recognise the number.

How to be win a girl over

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Once you’ve got to the stage of arranging a date or a meetup, you’re really on your way! Agreeing to meet you a second time shows you that the girl really is interested in you, so whatever you were doing, you did it right-now you have to keep up the good work.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or arrange wildly ambitious or fancy dates to win a girl over-but you do have to put some thought into things. Ask the girl to go somewhere or do something that you know she likes and will be interested in, and will feel safe about-just a cup of coffee or a drink in a bar is fine for your first real date!

Taking a small gift or something thoughtful with you is a great way to win a girl over, but don’t make a big performance about it-keep it casual and don’t expect your girl to make a big fuss or jump into bed with you as a result!

Awkward gaps in the conversation or running out of things to say on your first few dates can quickly kill a budding relationship, so work on ways to keep the conversation going without talking about yourself all the time, and use these conversations to move closer physically.

Start off with extending your eye contact, lightly touching her hand or arm in conversation, and moving closer together when you are walking or sitting together. When you can link arms with your girl or put your arm around her naturally-which, if things are going well, may be on the first date-the chances are that the girl is looking for more, and you can make your move.

If the girl moves away or looks uncomfortable when you start moving closer, she’s not ready-and if you’re pushy, she will soon walk away. A kiss is a good start, but it might also be the right way to end that date and wait until next time-but if the girl responds well, you might get lucky if you ask her if she wants to take things somewhere quieter!

Tips for courting a woman

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Here are some basic tips on how to woo a lady and win her love:

• Be yourself-just make sure that you are being your best self!
• Ensure that you look and feel good before making a move.
• Try to cover your nerves, but make sure you don’t come across as pushy or overconfident.
• Remember that all women are individuals, so cheesy pickup lines or a scattergun approach will not work. Also, if a girl has seen you trying to pick up another girl and failing before moving on to her, she will immediately be turned off, so move carefully!
• Have some ideas up your sleeve to keep the conversation going.
• Give the girl a chance to speak, and don’t interrupt or talk over her-and ask her about herself instead of just telling her how great you are!
• Know when to step back and stop pushing-making a strategic retreat won’t ruin your chances, but being too pushy will.
• Get that girl’s number or arrange a date-close the deal-don’t just walk away kicking yourself and wondering what you should have done!
• Wait a day or so after your first encounter before texting or calling-you don’t want to look desperate, but also, you don’t want the girl to forget about you either.

Following these tips for courting a girl will give you a head start, and help to ensure that you are all ready with the know-how you need on ways to win a girl-but there isn’t any magic formula to make girls fall at your feet, regardless of what pickup artists would have you believe.

You will get some knock-backs, and you have to take these in your stride and treat them as practice, or a learning experience-don’t be an asshole about it or let it get to you, simply move on and think about what you will do differently next time!