Movie Date Tips: How a Cinema Visit Can Prompt Serious Flirting

couple in the cinema

A movie date is an extremely popular pastime. But a trip to the cinema is also a golden opportunity for you to connect. If you can appreciate some basic flirting tips for a cinema date, you’ll ensure the smile on your partner’s face lasts way beyond the final credits.

Movie date advice: the basics

Before you’ve even got as far as your local multiplex or favorite art-house theatre, there are important aspects to consider. First of all, what to wear on a movie date, guys? Bear two things in mind. You’ll be sitting in a darkened arena for several hours, so for a perfect movie date it’s paramount your comfort is at the top of your agenda. That ‘date’ outfit which has been stashed at the back of your wardrobe for some months but which is now tight around the waist? Forget it. You don’t want to be squirming in your seat, constantly re-adjusting your position (and giving your partner the impression you’re somehow not relaxed in her company.) If you choose comfortable clothing, it will make you feel composed, focusing on your other half.

The second fashion decision? Treat your movie theatre date just like any other liaison. It doesn’t matter that you are going to be sitting in darkness for most of the time as opposed to gazing into one another’s eyes across a restaurant table – you are out to impress someone. So as well as comfort, choose something which is eye-catching, and reveals you have made an effort. Don’t turn up in a casual ensemble which makes you look as if you’ve just rolled up after a session at the gym, or have spent the afternoon tinkering with a car. Make your partner feel appreciated.

The secrets of watching a movie with a guy

Females can find it easier to exude sensuality when dressing for their cinema date. Figure-hugging jeans and a top which exposes a plunging cleavage will keep a guy riveted as much as Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johannson on the big screen.

When thinking of things to do in a movie theatre with your boyfriend, focus on the atmosphere. If you’ve opted for a thriller or a horror movie, there are going to be moments of taut suspense. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, snuggle closer. Jump scares are especially good because you can grasp his arm and hold him tighter. You’ll both laugh with relief when the action moves on to something less frenetic, but he’ll feel the electricity of that close contact for some time.

In fact, don’t ever worry too much about how to cuddle at the movies, whether what’s occurring on the screen warrants tactile behavior, or not. If a guy has agreed to a cinema date, he hasn’t done so because he dislikes you. You might be seated in an auditorium surrounded by hundreds of cinemagoers, including other amorous couples, but when the lights dim, this has the effect of creating a sense of privacy. There are only you and your partner, and the unfolding drama. No guy in the world is going to shy away if you cuddle a little closer. Show him affection like this, and he’ll most likely reciprocate, throwing an arm around your shoulder, or clasping your hands.

How to act on a movie date if you want to establish a romance

Flirting tips for a cinema date should be an extension of this close-quarter contact. Comfortable but sexy attire is one thing, and if you feel confident in yourself this will reflect in your body language. Smile and giggle softly while you converse with your partner. Always appear relaxed, rather than stilted and awkward. Because you’ll be in such proximity for a lengthy period of time in dark, which has an effect of sharpening the senses, it is imperative you haven’t indulged in spicy or garlic-drenched food.

Here’s a good tip. In many box office situations, the assistant will present a view of the seating plan, allowing you to actually choose your seats. Rather than sitting slap bang in the middle of a row, why not look for a vacant pair situated right at the end, where you’ll have a much greater impression of intimacy? Better still, many cinemas offer premium seats where the armrests have been removed in the middle, presenting more of a mini couch than adjoining chairs. This is by far the most desirable seating arrangement if you want to have maximum scope for snuggling together as the action unfolds.

Here’s one of the most crucial points about how to flirt with a guy while watching a movie: liberally douse yourself with your favorite perfume. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo this, to the extent your scent proves to be a distraction while you are supposed to be focusing on the feature. However, a decent perfume will ensure there is a subtle and alluring aroma in the background, reminding him of your presence at all times, even when he’s being captivated by the leading ladies on the screen. When you do come in closer for whispered conversation, he’ll be mesmerized by the combination of your features in the shadows, set against that arousing background scent.

Is a movie really a good first date?

What images cross your mind when you consider what to expect on a movie date? You may picture yourself sitting close enough to feel romantic, and you may well be rehearsing one or two comments you could make when your lips occasionally brush your partner’s ears (the so-called sweet nothings which, if delivered with enough originality and sincerity, will send shivers up their spine.) But what about taking the flirtatious behavior to the next level? It would do no harm to ponder how to kiss at the movies.

Don’t be worried about appearing to be too forward about kissing in public. Remember, when the lighting is extinguished in the movie theatre, nobody else is paying you any attention. You are presented with a situation which is unique compared to other romantic scenarios, such as a dinner date or spending an evening in a bar. The privacy you are afforded when the lights go down means you are free to focus on the person you are with, undeterred by the undue attention of onlookers. It would be perfectly acceptable to steal a kiss or two in these circumstances. Being in such intimate closeness to your love interest gives you a green light to act as romantically and spontaneously as you wish.

Lean in and allow your lips to brush against your partner’s ear lobes while you comment about something which has just occurred during the movie. Few films feature non-stop adrenaline-fuelled motion from start to finish, with even the most frenetic action movie relying on quieter spells to allow the tension to build again, so there will inevitably be lulls. When this happens, you can seize the moment to whisper some suggestion about where you could retire to afterward, to chat about the movie over a late night drink or two. If your partner turns to you, smiling at this suggestion, then lean into them and allow your mouths to connect.

Resist the urge to get involved in anything lingering – you don’t want to come across like some hormonally-charged teenager who is out to snog the living daylights out of their companion like the youngsters occupying the seats right up at the back might be doing – but a brief but insistent kiss will establish that this is so much more than a casual movie date.

Important points about movie date etiquette

If you want to make the most of your cinema experience, you need to concentrate on some basic factors. It’s always best to choose a film together. You might love romantic comedies, but if your partner is going to be bored rigid, then you’ll need to come to some compromise. With multiplex cinemas now offering anything between 10 and 15 separate screenings on a daily basis, you’ll certainly be spoiled from choice, so this should never be an issue in itself.

Of course, depending on how much you want to impress your movie date, you might have to bite the bullet and accompany them to a film which represents a genre you have previously expressed a dislike for, simply because you know how much they’ll adore the feature. Even if this movie isn’t your first choice, if it’s well enough made you’re bound to get some enjoyment out of it. But far more importantly, you will accumulate a whole load of Brownie points for having been prepared to make this sacrifice in order to keep your partner satisfied.

What about one of the most fundamental questions: who pays for the tickets? Times may have moved on from the era of chivalry, when a cinema trip was treated like any other date activity, such as a meal, and guys would always pick up the tab. Bear in mind a lot of modern females can actually feel offended if a guy seems to want to treat them like Disney Princesses who shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads over anything as mature as settling a bill, or paying for the theatre tickets. However, it’s also common courtesy for males to at least offer to cover the costs. So if you’re a guy, you should always make the first move, and present your date with the opportunity to insist on paying half. Perhaps she might volunteer to cover the cost of refreshments (which can be an equally expensive venture.)

One of the aspects of modern cinema visits which polarises opinion is the availability of refreshments. For some, this is an essential part of the overall experience, being able to tuck into a plate of nachos or a bucket of popcorn, just as you sometimes do when you prepare snacks prior to watching a movie on Netflix. But for others, the sight of someone working their way down an adjacent aisle prior to the commencement of the feature, laden with hot dogs, popcorn and large bags of chocolates, is dreaded. This can be a precursor to two-hours’ trying to concentrate on the action while this person rummages into their gastronomic spread, the sound of crunching popcorn or rustling packets sounding like an oversized raccoon ransacking buckets.

When you’re paying close attention to what to do on a first date at the movies, the recommended course of action would be to keep snacking to a minimum. There so many reasons for this. A hint of your partner’s perfume/aftershave is far more preferable to the pungent stench of a smoked hot dog sausage splattered in mustard and relish. Neither is listening to them chewing conducive to establishing a romantic mood. When you do lean in for a kiss, their natural essence is more desirable than an overpowering taste of spicy tortilla chips.

What to do after the movie date?

Another important tip: much as the thought might cross your mind about inviting your significant other to a late-night horror double bill, concluding at two in the morning, your optimum screening should be mid-evening. You always want to leave the option of suggesting you continue the movie date by taking in supper or a nightcap somewhere nearby.

Enjoying a good film together can be extremely uplifting, provoking many conversation topics. Also, provided you have followed the flirting advice, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company. Sitting side-by-side in a suitably ambient bar or restaurant afterward will give you the opportunity to maintain a romantic connection. The only difference will be you are now fully illuminated, ready to plan your next cinema outing.

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