Top 5 Flirtatious Moves You Can Learn from the Movies

the woman is cooling

Although movies are generally for our entertainment, we can actually learn quite a bit from them. We can learn how to be decent people, survival skills, fashion tips, and also how to woo a woman. Think about it! Women love rom-coms because they wish the men in their lives could sweep them off their feel like the men in those movies do. Or at the very least flirt like they do!

Here are five flirty moves and lessons you can learn from movies that works:

1. Repeat and Insinuate – “40-Year-Old Virgin”

Take whatever someone says to you and phrase it as a question, that is a perfect flirt move to use on someone you are interested in getting to know. In the “40 Year Old Virgin,” Steve Carrell’s character does this to Elizabeth Banks’ character, she is intrigued. This is because the person you are doing this to knows that you’re paying attention to what they are saying, and that is a big turn on for ladies!

2. Bad Dancing is Charming – “Hitch”

If the lady you like wants to go dancing, go dancing — even if you are afraid to. You’ve just got to act like Kevin James’ character in “Hitch” and just go for it! He embraces the experience and gives it his all on the dance floor. This makes Amber Valletta’s character laugh and thinks its charming and some say that’s the point in the movie that solidified their “couple” status.

3. Leave Something Behind – “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Whenever you hang out with someone and you want to see them again, leave something behind and use that as an excuse to be able to see them again. Kate Hudson’s character in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” does exactly that when she leaves her bag at Matthew McConaughey’s character’s house. He looks in her bag and what does he find? Knicks tickets, which he just so happens to be a huge fan of. So, of course he called her and begged to hang out!

4. Persistence Pays Off – “Bridesmaids”

Instead of giving up whenever you get shot down, be like Chris O’Dowd’s character in “Bridesmaids” and be persistent. Sure, he may have given up eventually, but the moment he does, Kristin Wigg’s character came crawling back because she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Of course, she had to woo him to win him back, but hey — it works!

5. Use Unique Pickup Lines – “Garden State”

Forget those lame lines that you’ve heard over and over again. Be creative when you are trying to flirt with a woman. When Natalie Portman’s character tries to flirt with Zach Braff’s character, they are both in the waiting room. She tells him that he needs to listen to what’s on her Discman because the song will change his life. As simple as that may seem, it works!