The Rise of Female Pickup Artists

smiling girl

Welcome to the 21 st century, now women are able to make the first move without prompting a witch-hunt. Now if a hot girl hits on you at the bar, awesome! If she asks you for your phone without a hint of nervousness, even better!

Now female pick-up artists have mastered the gentlemanly tactics of manipulation and other things that men have formerly used to pick up women and lure them into bed. These trends are still out there, but now these men come off sleazy and lame. So what does the dating game look like when the tables have been turned?

An Even Field

It has become a fairly even field today for both men and women. Gone are the days when women frowned upon men who stood them up or used them for one-night stands. Now they feel perfectly comfortable doing the same. Some women are so straightforward that they will clearly state their intentions before taking someone back to their apartment.

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Women that can be officially referred to as PickUp Artists are now self-described as “weapons of mass seduction”. These women don’t go by the rules and they don’t care for passivity. It’s not something they believe the women of this generation should go by.

This doesn’t mean those women who like to make the first move identify themselves as pick up artists.

They aren’t trying to score with a whole bunch of men so that they can brag about it on their next brunch date with their girlfriends. They are simply tired of sitting and waiting for the next guy to come and hit on them. They like taking matters into their own hands. If they want something they get it.

Pick up Artists Don’t Objectify Men

Just because a woman makes the first move, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about relationships. It also doesn’t mean that she objectifies or manipulates men for some sort of revenge. Kezia Noble, a leading female dating expert for men, says that women should be proactive in what they want, but to a limit.

Yes, women like to be seduced and they like the idea of men to come up to them and say something amazing so that they boast about it to their friends. It’s obviously a more interesting story to tell. But when the right men don’t come along, there is nothing wrong with exploring the options yourself.

Thus, it’s wrong to categorize female pick up artists as some female version of Lothario who will leave a trail of broken hearts. Just because women have stopped playing by the “let guys make the first move” rule or have stopped playing hard to get doesn’t make them any less of a woman. Rather they are just making the playing field more even. The idea is that anyone should be able to walk up and approach anyone to their liking without having to worry about rejection or social stigma.