How to Hint to a Man That You’re Interested In Him

cpuple drinks coffee

Have you ever been so smitten by a guy that you’ve met online and now go out of your way just to run into him? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on him for a while and although you really want to let him know how much you like him, you aren’t entirely certain how to go about doing it.

We’ve got the tips that will help you let him know just exactly how you feel about him.

Step 1. Smile and be engaging.

When you are talking to this person that you’ve got your eyes on, you’ve got to have a smile on your face and pay attention to what he is saying. You can also help keep the conversation rolling by asking him questions or commenting on the things he says. This will let him know that you are enjoying the topic of conversation and that you care about what he is saying.

Step 2. Break the touch rule.

Typically when you are talking to someone and you aren’t attracted to them, you won’t touch them.
However, since you are interested in this guy, don’t be afraid to touch him in a nonchalant way. For example, if he says something funny, laugh and put your hand on his arm. If he has a piece of lint on his shirt, pluck it off for him (you can even pretend that there is lint there if you have to). Depending on how well you know the guy, if he has a new haircut, you can compliment him on it and run your fingers through it. These small touches will speak volumes!

Step 3. Maintain eye contact.

While you are talking with this man, keep your eyes on him. You shouldn’t be glancing around the room and checking other guys out. Make sure he knows that you are focused on him and him alone by maintaining eye contact or at least looking at him. When you’re looking around the room, he’ll get the feeling that you aren’t interested in the conversation or are bored with his company.

Step 4. Give him compliments

Just like women, men love to be complimented on a variety of things. If he is looking good, let him know that you love the way that shirt looks on him. If he is telling you an engaging story, tell him that you love the way he tells a story. Whatever you want to compliment him on, make sure it sounds genuine and not like you’re just pulling things out of thin air.

Step 5. Exchange phone numbers

Whether you ask for his phone number or you give him yours, make sure someone has the other person’s number. You can suggest that you meet up for coffee one day and when he agrees (he will agree if you’ve played your cards right and followed the previous four steps!), you can ask for his number then. In fact, it doesn’t matter how the numbers get exchanged, as long as they do and you make tentative plans to meet up, you can rest assured that he knows you are interested.