How to Find a Man Worthy of Your Love

woman hugs man

More often than not, some women feel like their lives aren’t complete unless they have a man by their side. No matter how much great stuff they have going on in their lives, they feel incomplete, worthless, and unfulfilled.

It’s sad that there are just so many women who place so much value on a relationship and not nearly enough on their own self-esteem. It’s an aggravating epidemic that needs to end. Now.

Ladies, having a man does not increase your value as a person. Having a man doesn’t make you better. It doesn’t make you more than who you are at this very moment.

It is safe to say that when most of us start dating, we don’t have a good understanding of this and we are unable to trust ourselves. You know, even though women are surrounded by mirrors, they rarely feel as attractive as when a man tells her so. Don’t you think that should change? Why do we need a man to validate how attractive we are? Isn’t attractiveness subjective anyway?

Ladies, we have to stop waiting for some guy to convince us that we are beautiful, worthy of being loved, of being a worthwhile person. We have to ditch that archaic way of thinking that our appearance, intelligence, and personality quirks need to be validated by some guy.

You know why? Because the more power that we give the men in our lives, the worse off we feel. Sounds counterproductive, right? That’s because it is!

The lack of self-esteem and insurmountable insecurity is why so many awesome chicks never truly reach their full potential. That’s why there are so many would-be CEOs, engineers, authors, musicians, presidents and more are hiding out under the covers, crying to themselves wondering why they aren’t good enough.

Do you want to know why they are doing this? It’s because they believe they need someone to tell them that they are good enough to be whatever she wants.

The second that you make the decision that you are good enough, that is the moment that you are taking back your power. You should make it a point to live your life how you want to and be damned to what some guy tells you. It doesn’t matter if he tells you that you’re gorgeous while you’re waiting for a cab or if he doesn’t text you back after a first date.

Lady, you are incredible. When you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worth so much more, you can stop wasting your time on men who aren’t worthy of you. When you do that, more important qualities like how large your savings account is, your career goals, and being kind to people will become your focus.

Stop waiting to live your life because you’re waiting for someone to make you feel complete. You have to do it yourself. Yeah, you might have to fake it for a while, but when you live your life like you know that you’re a rockstar that you are. When you do that? You might be surprised by how rosy life becomes.