Let Him Go if He Isn’t Making an Effort


Honey, if your guy isn’t showing you that he’s totally head over heels in love with you, then you’re dealing with a guy who isn’t interested in you. It doesn’t matter how much you analyze his texts, how much you stalk him on social media or even search for answers with articles like this.

You might want to try concrete evidence that the guy you’re into is as into you as you are into him, it’s much more trouble than it’s worth.

While there’s going to be exceptions to the rule, there are some men who do play mind games and the rest do not. The good ones don’t at least.

As with most things in life, we don’t think you should have to work that hard to find someone who’ll love you. If you find that you are putting in extra work to make a relationship happen, then sorry to say, but it probably isn’t going to happen.

Relationships aren’t creating by forcing interactions and playing games with the other person. Falling in love is much simpler than that.

You don’t have to do tricks or do some extensive research to find out of a guy is digging you. You just need to pay attention. If he’s really interested in getting to know you, then he will do all that he can! He’s going to be asking you questions, make a valiant effort to keeping the conversation going, and he’s going to remember the things you tell him. He won’t cancel plans or bail on you at the last minute. He’ll make an effort to set a date and keep it. He isn’t going to waste your precious time because, surprise surprise, he actually respects you and your time.

If you find that you’re losing sleep because you’re trying to understand why this dude acts like he’s into you one minute and then the next you get the cold shoulder when you see him, he isn’t interested. Oh, we get that it’s a kick to the stomach when you realize that some guy you’re crushing on isn’t as interested as you are, but don’t you feel a little better knowing? It’s always much easier cutting your losses than waiting around for some guy to decide if he does or doesn’t like you. Besides, while you’re pining for that one guy, there’s another guy in the shadows wanting to get to know you.