Things a Real Nice Guy Would Never Do if He’s into You

woman kiss man on the cheek

You know how actions always speak louder than words? That couldn’t be truer when you are dating a nice guy versus a bad boy. While you may be drawn to the appeal of a bad boy, here are some things you’ll never have to deal with if you’re dating a nice guy.

1. He’ll never complain if you’re busy. Sure, they may want to spend time with you, but they also understand that you’re a busy woman and you have stuff you need to do. They won’t think you’re blowing them off — they’ll respect your obligations and be supportive. Say what!?

2. He won’t talk badly about his exes. We’re all guilty of this from time to time. We’ll have a snarky comment to say about an ex, but when push comes to shove, a real nice guy won’t do that. Besides, if you’re dating a guy that has no problem airing out the dirty laundry from a previous relationship, what makes you think he wouldn’t do the same with your relationship if things didn’t work out?

3. He won’t have to tell you he’s a nice guy. Bad boys who try to be nice guys will go out of their way to tell you they are someone you can trust. A real nice guy will let you know he is a nice guy by doing things to show they care, rather than trying to convince you.

4. He won’t hound you because you rejected him. A nice guy knows how to take rejection gracefully. He won’t get his panties in a bunch because you aren’t interested in giving him your number, or if you don’t want to go out. A bad boy will get huffy and puffy, he’ll try to convince you to go out with him, and he’ll just make things uncomfortable — just because you rejected him. What a baby, right?

5. He won’t be different offline than he is online. The guy you’re talking to may be a catch online, but if he’s a bad boy, he won’t know how to behave once things go to actual meetings. You know you’ve got a nice guy when his online persona matches his offline self to a T.

6. He won’t blame bad boys for his single status. You know how some men will blame everyone and their brother for them being unable to find a girlfriend? A nice guy will own up to his flaws and won’t blame anyone but himself.

7. He won’t complain about being in the Friend Zone. Nice guys understand that sometimes there isn’t a connection between you two. Instead of whining because you only want to be friends with him, rather than jump into a romantic relationship, he’ll accept it. Bad boys get all mopey and whiny when they’re friend zoned.

8. He won’t expect to be praised for being a decent human being. How many times have you been around someone and it felt like every time he did something decent, he was expecting praise or recognition? A nice guy would never do that. They do things because it’s something any decent human being would do! Who would have thought?