7 Reasons Why Men Who Adore Cats are the Best


Although they say dogs are man’s best friend, cats shouldn’t be discredited. If you want to find a great guy, you don’t want to settle on anyone — get yourself a man who simply adores the felines.

Need some convincing? Here are 7 reasons why men who love cats would make awesome partners.

1. They’ve got a sense of humor.

Cats are curious by nature so you wouldn’t be surprised if you caught them doing something funny and entertaining. The man who has a cat is well aware of this and loves them all the more. Plus, if you go through their phone, they may even have a few funny cat videos saved—and everyone loves a good cat video!

2. They are thoughtful.

Men with cats tend to think about others and often will love them more than they love themselves. Whenever they see something that they think their cat would enjoy, you can bet that they will pick it up for their kitty and hurry home to play with it.

3. They appreciate the small things.

Cats are independent creatures, so when they decide to lay with you while you’re watching television or give you a little nudge when you’re feeling down, it’s a big deal. These guys understand how important small things can be, like surprising you with a flower or a back rub, or maybe a simple text saying he loves you.

4. They are fantastic at sharing.

Men who own a cat are familiar with the need to share their stuff with another living creature. While it is true that a cat doesn’t require a drawer in the dresser, they do make their presence known and must be acknowledged. At least with a woman, she’ll appreciate the things you share with her.

5. Cat men understand the phenomena known as the mood swing.

We all know that cats can be moody little balls of fire. But when they aren’t trying to shred your hand to bits, they are quite lovable and affectionate when they want to be. The same can be said about a woman during her cycle. Cat men are very familiar with these mood swings and can handle them like a champ.

6. They can cater to your every need.

Okay, maybe not your every need, but cat men are pretty attentive. When you have a pet, you will probably have a schedule for when you feed them, play with them, and even give them some sweet cuddling time. Of course, on the odd chance that their cat is temperamental and want to break away from their schedule, your cat lover can adjust seamlessly and give them nuzzles whenever.

7. They don’t run away if things get hard.

Cats can be difficult to live with sometimes, but that doesn’t scare the guy away. The guy loves his cat, no matter how many hairballs they cough up, how many plants they knock over, or how many dead mice are left in their shoes. You can count on that kind of devotion to you when you start dating a cat lover.

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