4 Ways to Make Him Yearn for You 24/7

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It’s understandable that you want your man love, respect, and treat you better than you’ve ever been treated before. With that said, sometimes all we really want is to know that our guy still has the hots for us. You know, it’s a popular misconception that men tend to lose their interest in their women as time progresses. Experts actually believe that men are more likely to lust for you over the long term!

“It’s absolutely true, but it’s not without conditions,” says the author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind?, Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D. “You have to make a strategic effort to trigger that craving in him once you’re in a relationship because the spark in your bond won’t last if you neglect it.”

So if you want to make your man yearn for you, do these 4 tricks:

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1. Say that one word that makes him wild.

You may have a slew of terms of endearment that you call your man. Sure they are cute and sweet, but the one thing that will send electric down his spine is something that you may not expect. When you say his name, it’s all he needs to rev up that desire because you’re signaling him to know that you are thinking about him and no one else.

2. Dig into his pockets for the car keys.
Okay, so maybe you are going for the keys, but when in actuality he will get so excited and turned on because your hand is oh so close to his sweet spot. But, it isn’t just things like this. It’s more about the unexpected touches that really gets him going. Instead of asking for his keys, reach into his pocket. Instead of asking for the remote control, lean across him to get it. Don’t walk past him, walk close to him so that your body presses into him. These simple touches will make him crave you all the more.

3. Keep him guessing.
Have you ever gone on and on about your day and it seemed like he tunes out? Instead of filling him in on every aspect of your day, don’t tell him anything. The less you tell him, the more curious he’ll be and want to talk to you. Now it might be hard to be tight-lipped after a bad day, but we guarantee that any man that is worth your love will ask about your day if you don’t say anything first.

4. Make smaller changes to get big results.
You can get a haircut, and he won’t notice, however, the second that you make a noticeable change, like going from brunette to a redhead, he’ll be all over you. The reason? Men are drawn to noticeable changes, especially when it catches his eye. Keep this in mind, though, if you want to get his interest right away, your changes have to be something that a guy will notice. So, let’s say you typically wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt. When you’re craving his attention, wear a form-fitting dress or skirt. This will get his attention, for sure!

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