3 Huge Indicators that He Isn’t Faithful to You or Anyone Else

a man hugs a woman and looks to the left

Let’s face it, people cheat. Well, not everyone, but there are a lot that does. According to recent studies, more than half the population is going to cheat at one point or another. We don’t intend to tell you these things to upset you. And sure, while you may be saddened by that idea, you can always look on the bright side and believe that your man is part of the population who is faithful. That isn’t so bad, right?

If you’re someone who is over 20 and you aren’t so naive to believe that everyone is going to be faithful, then that statement isn’t a huge shock. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have the risk of being cheated on. Heck, if Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, or the First Lady can get cheated on, you’re not safe.

We all know that we ought to stay away from guys who are prone to cheating. We know that his looks only go so far, his money only counts for very little, and they aren’t very likely to change, despite how much we want them to. As the saying goes, a tiger never changes their stripes.

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Good news ladies, men who cheat are easy to identify. If your gut is telling your man is cheating on you, there are three signs that will let you know.

1. He has secrets. A man who cheats will lead a double life. He’s going to be secretive and work double time to cover his tracks. He won’t reveal very much about himself or his life. We know that communication is important for a relationship to work, and if the guy you’re talking to is tight-lipped, then you might want to watch out.

2. He’s selfish and narcissistic. Men who cheat will do it because they only care about themselves. Fortunately, these guys are pretty obvious because they are that way in all areas of their life. If you want to get a good idea of which side of the moral tracks he leans, look at his life outside of you and how he treats other people. If you start to notice that he seems like he’s only out to benefit himself and doesn’t care much about how it affects other people, then you need to pack up and run. Fast.

man lies with woman

3. There is a sudden change in how he behaves. An obvious sign of a man who is cheating on you will be when there is an obvious change in his behavior. This can mean a variety of things. He may start taking care of his appearance more. He could start working out. Maybe he will even pick up more hours at work, or spend more time focusing on his hobbies. The largest sign is that sex between you two is almost nonexistent and he shows no interest in getting down.

Although we said that more than half of the population will cheat, that doesn’t mean you should be distrusting of everyone you meet. The real important takeaway from this is that you should be able to recognize the signs of a cheater so that you can avoid getting into a relationship with them in the first place.