Dating Rules for Women Who’ve Had One Too Many Bad Dates

bored woman on a date

Are you tired of dating men who play games? Perhaps you’ve had one too many bad dates and are considering giving up and becoming a nun? If so, hold fire, as there may be hope at the end of the tunnel. Whilst you probably have dated a few frogs, the problem may not always be the guys you date, but have more to do with how you approach dating. Follow these dating rules for women and you stand a much better chance of meeting your Prince Charming…

#1 Be honest about why you’re single

Chances are, your date will ask you the age-old question “So, why is a beautiful girl like you single?”. Don’t say that guys don’t like you, or some other lame excuse that will feed his ego. Be honest and tell him the truth. You’re single because you simply haven’t found a guy that’s worth your time and energy. If he knows this, he’ll know that he needs to step up and show you why he is worth a second date.

#2 Don’t give-up dating after a bad date

It can be really easy to say that you’re never dating again after a bad date. A date with a guy who texted throughout dinner or refused to tip can certainly make you feel like you’d rather stay single forever. However, this doesn’t mean that you must commit yourself to a life of watching Friends re-runs surrounded by your 10 cats.

#3 Make him put in the effort

If a guy is worth it, he will make the effort to see you. So, let him come to you, especially on the first few dates. If he turns up without a plan for your date, this is bad news, as it shows a lack of thought and dedication. After all, it doesn’t take long to Google cinema listings or make a booking at a restaurant. If you won’t put in the effort, he’s probably just not that into you, which is good to know at the beginning than several dates down the line.

#4 Don’t think about the future

When you’re on a date with a guy, it’s difficult not to think about a future with him. As a woman, you want to know whether can see yourself growing old with him. However, make sure you don’t jump too far ahead too quickly. Rather than mentally choosing a wedding venue and picking out wallpaper for your new home together, slow down and just enjoy the date.

#5 Know exactly what you want

Before you head out on a date with a guy, you need to know what you’re looking for. Are you looking for someone to build a relationship with, or is a casual fling more what you had in mind? What type of guy do you want? You need to know what characteristics you want in a man, as this will help you to decide quickly if a guy you’re dating is right for you, meaning you won’t waste your (or his) time.

#6 Hold back on sex

Don’t give a guy everything he wants right away, even if you really want to. Take it slow and show him that you have respect for yourself. So, hold back on sex and make him wait – building up his anticipation will simply make him want you more!

#7 Always be honest

Keep in mind that you might end up actually in a relationship with a guy you’re dating, so always be honest. Lying will just get you into trouble down the line when you’re inevitably caught out. If you’re upfront from the beginning, you already have a solid foundation.

#8 If you like him, call him

There are so many different views about calling a guy after a date. Some people say women shouldn’t call at all, whilst others say that you shouldn’t call before three days. The truth is, you’re not in high school, and in the real world these rules don’t exist. If you like a guy, call him, it’s as simple as that. Most men love proactive women who take the lead as it shows that you’re really into them.

#9 Make sure you’re emotionally available

Going on a date with a guy when you’re still hung up on your ex isn’t a good idea. It’s not fair on the guy you’re dating, or yourself. If you still find yourself in tears over your old flame, you’re just not ready yet. And that’s OK – give it some time to repair your heart before you emotionally invest in someone new. If you don’t, it’s likely to end in more tears – for you.

#10 Don’t play too hard to get

Did you know that playing too hard to get can actually work against you? Whilst men do love the chase, you don’t need to send a guy you like on a wild goose hunt. If he doesn’t get anything back from you, this will deter him as he’ll think you’re not interested in him. At some point, you need to show him that you’re keen.

If you’re continually devastated by awful dating experiences, it’s no surprise that you’re thinking about hanging up your dating hat! It can be heart-breaking to end up disappointed over and over again.

However, now that you know our dating rules for women, you can use them next time you’re on a date, making it more likely that it will end well. It’s never easy sticking to a set of rules, but they should help you out in the long run, improving your chances of finding Mr. Right.