9 Signs That He Is Being Way Too Jealous


Jealousy is never a good look for anyone that you’re involved with. It just breeds distrust and it doesn’t make an already stressed relationship any better.

Here are 9 signs that will let you know that he is beyond a healthy amount of green-eyed monster and he is becoming a big jealous beast and how to turn your relationship for good.

1. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is trying to peek at your phone when you text.
Whenever you get a text message, he doesn’t hide the fact that he wants to know what is being said. Sure he may try and play it off and say that he’s only joking, but you know he really is concerned about who is sending you a text message at 8pm.

2. He wants to be invited to anything you do. Whether you are going to the craft store, bra shopping, or something as mundane as going to the pharmacy, he wants to go along with you. It is common knowledge that most men loathe errands and they will do anything to get out of doing it. So, if your guy is willingly volunteering to tag along, then you are dating someone who believes that there are men on the prowl just waiting to scoop you up. Sure, it’s a flattering thought, but it’s not reality.

3. He is incredibly territorial and threatens physical violence if he thinks someone is flirting with you. When you go out to eat, you find yourself praying for a female waitress because on several occasions where you had a male waiter, your man was seething because he thought the guy was flirting with you. You can tell him until you’re blue in the face, but he still insists that “Would you like to try the duck” is some flirty way of trying to hit on you.

4. He finds reasons to hate your male friends. While he may not explicitly tell you not to talk to your male friends, he will hold a grudge for no reason. How many times have you had an instance when your male friend came over to bond with your guy and he gets mad because your friend drank the last soda or he tracked mud into the house? You’d swear that your friend robbed him of all his money!

5. He criticizes your crop tops. He may not have had a problem with how you dressed when you married, he all of a sudden doesn’t want you to reveal any flesh. It’s almost like he assumes that you would wrap up in a burka and walk around being completely covered head to toe, lest another man finds you attractive.

6. He thinks you’re always up to something. You say you are working late, but he never believes you and he assumes that you are up to something that you shouldn’t be. He jumps to conclusions and picks fights for the stupidest reasons, and he does this all because this is where his mind takes him almost instantly.

7. He pops up at your home unannounced. While this could be sweet once in a while, it can get old really quickly and make you wonder what is going on to make him think it is okay to show up unannounced whenever he feels like it. In his mind, he’s probably hoping to catch you cheating on him or something of the like.

8. He is your shadow whilst out in public. Whenever you go out to hang out at the bar or a party, it feels like he is your shadow, as he refuses to give you any space. He even follows you to the bathroom! He may say he is doing it for your safety, the real reason he is shadowing you is to prevent men from talking to you.

9. He talks about comments that have been made on your social media. You could be talking about the price of tea in China and somehow the conversation shifts to some comment a guy made on your picture you took with a group of friends in Chinatown. A jealous guy will ask you a litany of questions trying to figure out who that guy is and how you know them. Heaven forbids if you are still friends with your ex and that ex-comments on your pictures!