How to Make a Man Feel Manly

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Undoubtedly, there is a lot of confusion on what it means to be a man these days; should they pay the bill? Does wearing makeup make them less masculine? Or should we institute an old-fashioned version of masculinity? The back and forth over what is considered manly can be very confusing to the modern gentleman but there are a variety of ways that you can implement in your relationship to ensure you man feels needed. Your partner wants to protect you and when you admire his masculinity it makes him feel more confident and comfortable within the relationship. So, we have collected a ton of tips to help you create a loving environment that is conducive to masculine energy.

Why Do Men Need to Feel Masculine?

Although we have moved away from our primal instincts to a certain extent there is still a massive part of us that gives into those animalistic roles. Men, naturally, were protectors and hunters, meaning they had a massive role in ensuring the safety of their family and community. As we have moved away from smaller groups there has been less of a need on the part of the man to provide in this way, but that doesn’t mean the desire to feel masculine has gone. As a basic instinct, the need to feel manly and act as a guardian is still there and by allowing your guy to feel that way you’ll find he is much more content in everyday life, especially when interacting with you.

1. Praise His Resourcefulness
Men like to feel as though they’re depended on and that they can do a job faster and more efficiently than a woman. Many of us know that it will probably take them 6 months of thinking to even put up a shelf, but these jobs make them feel masculine. By praising his ability to complete a job with resourcefulness you’re giving in to that manly desire to feel capable and required around your home.

2. Ask Him for Solutions to Your Problems
Being able to take care of your woman is an important aspect of the culture of masculinity and that doesn’t just entail within a physical and protective sense. Whether you’re having work issues, or your friend is having a dilemma your man will want you to come to him with your problems. By asking him his opinion on the issue it gives into the problem solver instinct men believe they have. Furthermore, it shows him that you depend on him for a variety of things in your life and that he is your go-to when issues arise.

3. Wear the Outfit He Loves
You may think that he doesn’t notice what you wear or when you put an effort into your appearance, but he does, and he does so more often than you would think. If he has made the conscious effort to specifically tell you that you look wonderful tonight or has openly complimented a piece of clothing it means he genuinely likes it. Girls are much more flippant on this and will compliment a great many outfits, but when a guy does so it means he honestly thinks you look good in it. By wearing his favorite outfit, it shows that you pay attention to him and hold his opinions of you in high regard.

4. Give Them Opportunity to Vent
Guys can hold a lot of emotions inside of them and they don’t usually talk about their issues to many people. Men are a lot more reserved than most women when it comes to their emotions, so when they let you in it means a lot to them. This is especially true considering it is regarded as girly to open, so it means they feel comfortable in your presence. Don’t dismiss their feelings or tell them they’re being silly; listen as though it is the most disastrous issue in the world and don’t put them down for opening-up.

5. Tell Him You Appreciate What He Does
This doesn’t matter whether he’s changed the lightbulb or cooked a homemade meal, a great way to ensure your man feels masculine is to show him that all his efforts are remembered. A lot of the time a man will do certain things to please you, even if he doesn’t say that is the reason, and therefore will want you to notice what he has done. He is trying to show you that he cares and that he can look after you and by recognizing that it will make him feel more manly and comfortable in your company.

6. Affection
Men are not as cold and unaffectionate as they’re regularly portrayed and in fact, can often need more attention than women. Most of the time, however, men do not want to show public displays of affection, but when you get home it is a different story. Cuddling, especially, can make a man feel incredibly masculine as it is an obvious display of the need to protect what you love. It shows him you feel safe in his arms and that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

As with any aspect of a relationship you simply need to think carefully about what you say and do. Ensuring that you man feels loved as well as masculine means carefully considering what the pair of you need and what you can do to make him feel more comfortable. In a world that is desperately trying to destroy the masculine ideal it can be hard for men to come to terms with the need order of things and they need to feel wanted and desired within their relationships. It is only natural to give into these wholesome and humble desires to ensure your man feels needed.

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