5 Sure-Fire Ways to RUIN a Date

man ignores woman

Unless you’re the type of person who is super easy going, there’s a good chance that you’ll have any number of small triggers, little off-putting things that your date can do which will ruin their chances altogether. You may not think that you do anything off-putting, but every yin has its yang and by the same token, something that one person might find adorable about you might be like nails down a blackboard to someone else.

Here’s a list of five of the most common annoyances during a date:

Talking ONLY About Yourself

how to ruin the date

If things are very early days within your dating history with a person, or especially if it’s a FIRST date, the whole point is to get to know one another. Taking every single topic of conversation and turning it back around to yourself can be really off-putting to the person on the other side of the table and can make you seem a little self-centered. Try to ask as many questions as you answer and pick topics that aren’t one-sided.

Rambling About Your Ex

how to ruin a date

Many people end up back on the dating scene after a break-up from a long-term partner, and understandably, emotions can still be a little raw. Slating your recent ex to your new dating partner will probably be hugely off-putting in the early days. We’d suggesting only talking about past relationships if you’re asked, and even then keep it light on the detail. More info can be shared once you’re actually in a proper relationship with a person, IF you want to.

Don’t Be Greedy

how to ruin a date

I don’t know about you, but I find greediness quite unappealing. Don’t order the largest, most expensive thing from the menu, don’t go back to the salad bar 20 times just because you’ve paid for it and certainly don’t be offended if someone suggests splitting the bill. The days of the man always picking up the cheque are long gone (and rightly so) and no self-respecting feminist should expect to be treated every time.

Have Manners

how to ruin a date

This is probably the single most off-putting one for me, and many other people out there. Dating someone with no manners is a sure-fire way to ensure that a second date never happens. REMEMBER your ‘pleases and thanks yous’, don’t eat like a five-year-old at a buffet and always tip your waiter. Manners cost nothing and are a sign that someone has been raised properly, and a lack of them is always a red flag for me.

Make an Effort

how to ruin a date

I don’t expect a person I’m dating to turn up in head-to-toe designer gear, or even something brand new, but showing up in scuffed shoes and un-ironed clothes is a sign that they aren’t prepared to make even the minimum effort for you. Wear something which is tidy and properly pressed, polish your shoes, don’t have chipped nail polish and ALWAYS brush your teeth! Small things will make a huge difference, not only to your appearance but also your confidence, and could be the difference between getting a second date or not.