12 Dating Tips from 1938 That Were Beyond Sexist


The dating world has changed significantly from when your grandparents and even great grandparents dated. Those antiquated ideas that people used to adhere to are so laughably sexist, it makes you wonder how anyone in their right frame of a free thinking mind would think to write some of these so-called “dating tips.”

Be that as it may, back in the 30s, dating was still as much of a mystery back then as it is today. When you read through these laughably (and undeniably infuriating) tips given to daters in the late 30s, you’ll wonder how anyone got a date.

1. Don’t use any of the car mirrors to fix your make-up.
Ladies, if you engaged in a make-out session with your beau, you better not think about using the car’s mirror to fix that smeared lipstick. Why?
Because men hate having to turn around to see what is behind him. How’s that for lazy?

2. Don’t be sentimental.
Everyone knows that women are so emotional and romantic! Oh lord, you should never try to get him to open up and talk about his emotions. Men don’t like crying, especially in public. So if he is caught crying or even have misty eyes, he’ll say it’s allergies or something to that effect. In other words, don’t put him in a vulnerable position where wet eyes could happen.

3. Sit like a lady.
Women, if you aren’t sitting like a lady (ankles crossed, straight back, and a smile plastered on your face), you are awkward. You can’t even look bored! It is highly recommended that you look alerted and pay attention to what is being said. If you have to chew gum, make sure you do it silently and with your mouth closed.

4. Always Smile. Always Be Sexy. Never Make him Wait.
Before the date, you want to make sure you are dressed to impress him and never keep him waiting when he does arrive to pick you up. Even if you are stressed out, you should greet him with a smile so that he feels at ease and comfortable.

5. Never discuss clothes with a man. He wears clothes.
You wear clothes. You would think there is a common ground there. Wrong. Never talk about clothing with a man because he couldn’t care less what kind of fabric your latest dress is made from. Instead, cater his interests and listen to the things that he is interested in.

6. Never steal attention from the man.
When you are dining out, you should never focus on anyone other than your date. The man who is taking you out deserves all of your attention, and they even request it.

7. Never show public displays of affection toward your date.
Many men will shy away from any public displays of affection. Even if you are completely in love with him, refrain from caressing him in any way, as it is seen as poor taste and it will leave him feeling humiliated or even embarrassed by you.

8. Keep lady garments in good repair.
If you require a brassiere, wear one so that your chest sits where they are supposed to be. You should never tug at your girdle, even if it is uncomfortable, and always make sure your stockings are smooth against your legs.

9. When he wants to dance, get up and dance.
Ladies, it isn’t very often that he will want to get up and dance in front of others, but when he does, the dancefloor is meant for talking and nothing more. So, don’t engage in relentless yammering. Instead, follow his lead and avoid stepping on his feet!

10. It isn’t Maybelline; it is natural.
Men know that you don’t have rosy cheeks and a beautifully puckered red lips, but he doesn’t need to see you fix any smudging that may have happened or wiped away any mascara that may have run as a result of your crying. Instead of borrowing his handkerchief, you should excuse yourself and fix your makeup somewhere where he cannot see you.

11. Never be conspicuous when you are out.
Should you be out on a date with a man and there is alcohol involved, you better never talk to a guy there, even if he is a waiter. The ultimate insult would be if you were to become intoxicated and you passed out. If this happens, your date will be annoyed, and you may never hear from him again!

12. Don’t even try. Try as you may.
Ladies, we hate to tell you this, but your chances of hitting it off with a man are slim to none. You may as well not even try because you’ll wind up doing something wrong to mess it up.

Learn from the past thinking of the future!