Top Reasons Why a Relationship May Fail


No matter how hard you try, not all relationships are going to work out like you want them to. Here are some top reasons why a relationship might end.

Underlying Issues

• Insecurity and Poor Self Esteem – When you get into a relationship with someone who has low self-esteem and are insecure, they will always doubt themselves, their choices, you, the relationship. With so much lingering doubt and constant questioning, there is no way a relationship can last.

• No trust – When a relationship doesn’t have trust to sustain it, it creates a situation where you are always questioning the other person and thinking they are up to something nefarious when that probably is not the case at all.

• Different expectations for the relationship – This is a matter of communication. When either party has a different expectation for the relationship, there is no way that either person will be on the same page. One of the more prevalent and noticeable examples of this is when one person feels like they are investing more of an effort into the relationship than their partner.

Problems Stemmed from Habits

• No balance within the relationship – for a relationship to work, both partners have to be willing to meet half way. One person cannot continue to make all the sacrifices and the other not make any. It may be okay for a short while, but eventually, the one doing all the sacrificing will start feeling resentful, and that is never a good thing for a relationship.

• Pointing fingers – More often than not, when someone in the relationship begins pointing fingers at who is to blame for whatever problems befall the couple, it breeds animosity. When there are hatred and constant blame being placed on one person, it leads to a destructive cycle that never works out in anyone’s favor.

• No quality time – It is easy to let life take control and get lost in the everyday. When this happens, we tend not to make enough time for our significant other, and the relationship suffers as a result. It doesn’t always seem like a big deal at the time, as excuses are made and you plan to make it up to them at a later date. However, these plans never come to fruition and the wedge continues to grow.

• No space – Everyone needs some time away from their significant other now and then. When you cannot get away from one another, it is easy to feel like you are breathing down each other’s throats. The things that you once thought were charming now gets under your skin, and you can’t wait for a moment’s peace away from them. When you don’t get alone time, you are just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

There are countless reasons why a relationship can fail. However, when you can identify the things that are pulling at the strings of your relationship and making it unravel, the sooner you can try to fix the situation. When you and your partner work together to keep your relationship intact and continue to grow as a couple, these problems won’t seem nearly as monumental.