7 Unsmooth Habits You Need to Quit Right Now


Men are sometimes oblivious to their actions while dating. They fail to realize that some of the things they do might upset their girlfriend. So, if you fail to understand what it is that drives women away, take a look at the following unsmooth habits you need to quit right now!

1. Ill-mannered Speech

Swearing is the least tasteful thing you can do on a first date. It shows you are ill-mannered and far from a gentleman. It also means women won’t consider bringing you home for Christmas to meet mom and dad. So keep your mouth clean, at least during the initial stages of your relationship.

2. Being Defensive In Every Conversation

It is not the end of the world if your girlfriend has pointed out something she doesn’t like about you. But don’t start pointing out her flaws as well, or be condescending and sarcastic. It also doesn’t mean that you start defending your criticism with buts and ifs. Instead, hear her out and deal with it in a respectful manner. At least think about it and if you still feel that your girlfriend is in the wrong, then talk it out politely.

3. Wearing Too Much Cologne

Yes, women want a good smelling, well dressed and well-mannered gentleman. But that doesn’t mean you stuff her nostrils with so much perfume that she has to hold her nose. Mild cologne, aftershave or deodorant is enough to display your hygiene standards. You are not part of a video advertisement for Axe, where you spray an entire bottle and women come running to you.

4. Focusing On Just Yourself

This may apply to both sexes. Being too self-involved will not land you a second date. Instead of worrying about all the things that could go wrong for you, focus on her and the conversation you are having. Approach your date as an old friend. Be casual and a good listener.

5. Crossing Personal Space

Don’t creep out your date by slipping your hand behind her during a movie or sitting so close that she can feel your breath. Being overfriendly and interacting physically might make her feel uncomfortable. If you are still in the initial stages of your relationship, it is best to maintain some distance.

6. Being Cheap

Without going broke, try to be generous to your girlfriend. Don’t split the bill on your first date or buy her “on sale” presents. Your generosity will show her that she is worth it and you are capable of taking care of her in the future.

7. Not Taking Care of Hygiene

If you have intentions to be physically intimate with your girlfriend, maybe it’s time you change the underwear that you have been wearing for two weeks straight. From nails to breath, from clothes to hair, anything can turn off a woman. So, it is a good idea to shave that stubble and maybe even do some manscaping. Passing the hygiene test might even get her to do some dirty stuff.