Interesting and Amusing Questions to Ask Her While Speed Dating

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You only have so much time while you’re speed dating to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Most people who participate in speed dating will use flattery to get her interest, but you can be unique and make her laugh.

If you can make her laugh, it shows that you’ve got a good sense of humor, but it also eases any tension that may be there between the two of you and it also makes the brief time you have together a bit more relaxed and open. You do want to ebb on the side of caution because if you ask a funny question it could be a bit risky because she may not share the same sense of humor as you do.

Break the Ice Questions

You’ve only got a few minutes to learn as much as you can about her, so having to ask an ice breaker may seem like a waste of time. However, you can make her feel a bit more comfortable and create a positive first impression. You could ask her opinion about your outfit (“Do these shoes make me look like a clown?”) or talk about the room/experience (“Are these chairs uncomfortable so we don’t want to stay in one spot too long?”)

Following the Conversation

By having a few funny questions to ask her when a particular topic comes up in the conversation, you can answer with said question. It’s not intended to be a question to be taken seriously — instead they are to keep the conversation light and interesting. Just be sure not to make the whole conversation one big joke, as she will start to wonder if you’re incapable of being serious.

Funny Dilemmas

You don’t need a reason to ask a funny dilemma. This can actually be used in an effort to move the conversation forward when it feels like the conversation has hit a wall. For example, you could ask her if she would rather see Princess Peach date Mario, Luigi, or if she should be a rebel and see where things go with King Koopa?

Hypothetical Questions

The hypothetical question is a great way to learn more about her personality, her preferences, and even her character. Not only that, but it also helps you drive the conversation forward and make the most out of the short time you have together. You can be so random and ask her who would she abduct if she were an alien from another planet or what point in time would she go back to and change one event in history. These questions are intended to be lighthearted but still slightly revealing. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to ask her anything too general or something that requires a lot of thought and explanation — you’ve only got so much time and the point here is to make her laugh — not ask her to write an essay!