Study Suggests That If You’re Short, Your Relationship Will Be Great and You’ll Have Lots of Kids

a pair of legs

Look, we all know that being short can be a bit of a downer. People are more likely to think you’re incapable of doing certain things simply because you are short in stature. Be that as it may, being short isn’t the end of the world.

There have been studies that say a short woman is more likely to have a long and happy relationship with men, and they may even have more children in their future. This particular study was conducted in England where the average woman’s height is right around 5-foot-four inches. Ladies who tend to ebb on the lower end of the spectrum, say from five feet to five foot three, are more likely to find themselves in a happy relationship and have little ones by the time they turn 42 than their taller counterparts.

Now, you should know that this study didn’t just examine the ladies. There were stats taken on men too. Sadly for the short men, women who were polled all said they preferred to be with a man who was taller than them. How tall? Oh, about six feet.

In a way, it makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point that women would prefer to be with a taller guy. Our DNA has been programmed to seek out partners who are able to protect us. This means the ladies prefer to be with a big guy.

With that said, scientists seem to be unable to discover the reason why men want to be with a shorter woman. It can’t be for reproductive reasons because the study even discovered that short women tend to the parish during childbirth more often than when compared to the taller ladies.

Daniel Nettle led the research team on this subject, and he has a thought as to why this phenomenon is even a thing. According to Nettle, “We know that men are drawn to things that in our evolutionary past would have been a cue for fertility. And in one sense tallness is a negative cue – tall women reach puberty later, and probably their secondary sexual characteristics develop somewhat later.”

If he is right, short ladies who complete puberty earlier than taller women makes them a great candidate for reproduction. Scientists now understand that there is a direct link between the height of the man and the height of his daughter. If we adhere to the belief that these sort of things are important when we choose who we are in a relationship with, then woman are going to keep picking men who will give them tall daughters — tall daughters who are not as viable to reproduce.

Of course, we know some tall women who pop out kids left and right, so is this theory right? Maybe. We say you date and reproduce with whomever you’d want, short or tall!