8 Reasons Why You May Want to Date a Cowboy


Move over aspiring double agents and hopeful football stars. If there is one thing a woman wants, that very well may be to date a cowboy. These rough and rugged men are handy with tools, they have that rough and rugged look about them that screams masculinity, and they know how to treat a woman.

These country boys know what they’ve got when they date a woman and they aren’t afraid to manhandle her in the best way possible.

Here are some very good reasons why you may want to forego dating a business exec or another professional, and get your hands dirty with a cowboy of your own. Just don’t take our words for it, though. These following reasons make perfect sense, even to the ladies who grew up in the city!

1. Cowboys may get down in the dirt from time to time, and maybe even work with manure, but they definitely, know how to clean up well.

Being a cowboy means he isn’t cooped up in an office building day in and day out. His hands are going to be calloused, his skin is going to be permanently kissed by the sun, thanks to those long hours, and he
may even have that five o’clock shadow at 10 am, but one thing is for certain when he has to clean up, he is going to clean up well.

2. Cowboys are in good physical condition, thanks to having to use his body every day for work.

Whether he is doing farm work or lifting bales of hay to feed the animals, you can be certain that he has muscles under those flannels and jeans. These muscles are just a small perk of dating a cowboy, a perk that women just go crazy for.

3. Cowboys are family men and their mommas taught them right.

Generally speaking, men who grew up on the farm and have become cowboys are family men. They value the family unit and when it comes to their momma’s, you can be certain that he loves her like the air that he breathes. Not only does he love her, but you can be sure that she taught him how to take their responsibilities seriously and treat any woman that comes into his life with respect and dignity.

Both are a win for you!

4. They will bring you flowers when they see you—sometimes even hand picked!

Women love flowers and cowboys tend to remember that. Whether they scoop some up from the convenient store or they pick them from the side of the road, you can be certain that they will almost have at least one flower to present to you when they see you.

5. You’ll finally have a reason to wear cowboy boots and not feel awkward!

Some women can rock a pair of cowboy boots while others just feel a bit weird donning these bulky shoes. However, if you’ve always wanted a pair of your own and had no justifiable reason for owning a pair, well now you do! Why he may even let you wear his hat if you’re lucky.

6. Cowboys are outdoorsy and they have no problem building you a roaring fire or help you navigate yourself out of the wood.

Cowboys are outdoorsy and they are familiar with how to survive outside if they have to. This means on those chilly autumn nights, you can be certain that he’ll be ready to light a big fire to keep you cozy.

Also, if you happen to stray too far from the rest of the group, with him by your side, you’ll never have to worry about being truly lost in the wood.

7. They are handsome and rugged, a perfect combination for a cowboy.

There is something so alluring about a cowboy that just makes the women swoon. They have this rugged handsomeness about them that looks so natural it just feels right. Why it would be hard to imagine him in a full-on suit because he is a cowboy through and through.

8. Your date nights will always be new and exciting.

You may be used to the regular dates other guys take you on, but when you’re dating a cowboy, you’ll never know what to expect.