5 Great Indicators That You’re First Date Is Great

cute couple behind the glass

Aside from being a mixed bag of nerves, the whole situation of getting to know someone for the first time, you’re left with a roller coaster of thoughts and a flurry of confusing emotions. So how do you know when the date is going well? You can keep an eye out for these signs that will tell you just how well your date may or may not be going.

1. Positive Anticipation.
When your thoughts start to run away from you and you begin thinking about what you’re going to wear, where you are going, and what to expect, you feel a flurry of butterflies in your stomach as anticipation builds. You’re going to be curious about this new person and you’ll start looking forward to meeting them. This can be especially important for instances when you meet the person online. You’ll be spending a good amount of time talking to each other on the phone and sending messages. As your first date progresses your thoughts, feelings, and tidbits of information, you’ll quickly realize that this is a real date and you’ll get to decide if there is enough chemistry for a second date.

2. Relative Ease.
The first couple of minutes of the first date are usually always marked for ice-breaker conversation, nervous platitudes, and shy smiles. During this time, both of you are going to be searching for commonalities that you share with each other, things like similar taste in movies, similar values and maybe even common life experiences. You can keep the conversation going by talking about previous emails and other things you may have mentioned in previous conversations. When you become more comfortable with each other, both of you will feel more relaxed and then the conversation will flow my easier.

3. Mutual curiosity.
When there is a shared attraction between you and your partner, you are going to want to learn as much as you can about one another. This is what we call natural curiosity and it is always a good sign. Every new bit of information you learn about the date will help you form opinions and assumptions about your date that will help shape your decision if you want to continue seeing each other or if you should go your separate ways. The first few dates are going to be full of information:

Does she laugh at your jokes? Does he have a charming smile? Does she show respect toward the other people around you, like at the restaurant or valets? What kind of stories does he share his past, and what do those stories say about him as a person?

4. Great endings.
When the first date comes to an end, it will give you a huge sign of how well things are going. Does your date seem like they are a bit reluctant to say goodnight because the date was so much fun? Is there are a decent level of mutual sexual tension present at the time of goodnight. Do you lean in for a full-fledged kiss or is it just going to be a quick peck on the cheek? Both people should feel the same level of interest and attraction as when the date first started. Even better, if they feel more attracted and interested in them (and vice versa), then that is most definitely a good sign!

5. The Great follow up.
So the date is over and now it is the ever important follow up. The first date follow-up is crucial when you are trying to develop a relationship. The earlier success of a good first date is the first part. It is important that at least one person should send an email or call to the other to thank them for the nice date. This is usually done within 24 to 72 hours after the initial date (make it sooner than later though because you don’t want to leave them wondering for too long.) If there is a mutual interest there, you can be certain that there will be an invitation for a second date right around the corner. In future communications, your messages and conversations should be more personal and have a friendlier tone.