Why Are Men Attracted to Women With Gorgeous Bodies?

woman at the beach

What’s it about a woman’s body that makes men (and some women) go completely crazy? If you ask anyone what their favorite body part of a woman’s body is, they’ll happily tell you, but when you ask them why they give you a dumbfounded look.

The truth is, people can’t really pinpoint why they find one attribute more appealing than others. Fortunately, we have the answer to that question.

The Hourglass

We’ve seen that in most drawings and in animations of a sexy woman, she has a perfect hourglass figure with those enviable proportions. You name it, all the way from the Kamasutra to the naughty hentai cartoons, the women have a body that is worth dying for. Sure, that specific type of body with those proportions might unrealistic, but many women feel that it is definitely worth dying for.

Now, the hourglass shape isn’t something new or is its overwhelming appeal a rare case. There have been numerous texts throughout the ages that have been discovered which tells the same story—when it comes to the waist on a woman’s body, the thinner it is, the better.

Why? Because according to countless researchers, a thin waist is deemed to be the epitome of health and fertility. How’s that for pressure to be thin gals?


In Darwin’s theory of evolution, it mentions that he believed that everything in a human body was structured for a specific reason. He mentions that the bodies of different creatures have evolved and restructured to be the best it could ever be, and all the unnecessary aspects of a body are removed or modified to be put into better use.

How Does Evolution Play a Role

Once upon a time, we walked on all fours, making a woman’s backside fun to check out. However, pre-humans soon stopped doing that because they got smart and discovered that they could walk on two feet. This could have probably triggered the evolutionary shift to developing a more visible feature, which made a woman’s butt stick out like a sexy sore.

Women’s Evolutionary Changes And Why Men Go Crazy

– Breasts – A lot of men are drawn to a woman with an ample bosom. They indicate to men that they are great for providing food for potential offspring.

– Hips and butts – Wide hip suggests that they will have an easier childbirth. Thanks to puberty, it helps to ensure that a male would be able to recognize a female that has come of age and is able to reproduce.

Closing Thoughts

You might understand why men love women and their unique bodies so much because it all comes down to boobs and butt. It is these things that a man has learned by keeping his eyes open when a woman walks in front of him. He might have taken a while to learn to recognize a beautiful woman, but when he is able to choose a perfect woman, he isn’t able to help but stare at her when she walks by him.

The next time a man stares you down as you walk by, don’t get offended, be flattered instead. He recognizes perfection, so why not bask in it?