How to Keep Him Interested After a First Date


Most women have wondered this at some point in their dating lives. They have a few promising dates with a guy, during which they enjoy great conversation and heavy flirting. They want to see him again, but how do they make sure he stays interested? If you’re currently wondering ‘will he call me?’ and ‘does he really like me?’, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is, there are things you can do keep a guy interested in you for more than just a few hours on your date. Read on to find out how to keep a guy thinking about you.

What to say to a guy after the first date

Most women simply have no idea what to say to a guy after the first date. The truth is, you don’t need to overthink it. If you had a great time on your date, tell him so. Be honest and open and make it clear that you want to see him again. If you like him, make it clear, but don’t go too over the top. You may secretly want to marry him and have his babies, but he really doesn’t need to know that just yet! You don’t need to do this to keep him interested.

Should I text him after the first date?

Whilst it may be the cultural norm for a guy to make the first move after a date, it’s arguably a bit outdated. Many women feel as if they have no control in a new relationship and that it’s all in the hands of the guy, but that’s just not the case. You don’t have to wait for him to make all the moves. If you want to text after first date, then go for it. If he doesn’t message you right away, he may have got distracted or is feeling nervous. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested.

When to text a guy after first date?

Many women believe that there’s a formula for when to text after a first date, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The right time to message him is when you feel like it. Trust your instincts and go from there. Dating is exhausting enough as it is without trying to anticipate the right thing to do. The truth is, you will never know what a guy is thinking, and the only thing you can be certain of is your own feelings. Let your feelings guide you and you won’t go far wrong.

How to keep a guy interested after the first date

It’s easy to charm a man for a few hours on a date but keeping him interested in you for much longer requires you to have an understanding of what guys really think. Fortunately, we’re going to share with you some expert advice to ensure that he’ll stay hooked long after your first date. Here’s what to do to ensure he wants to see you again.

How to keep a man’s attention

If you really want to know how to keep a man’s attention, read on, as we’re about to divulge the secrets every woman is seeking. Firstly, you need to show that whilst you desire him, you don’t need him. Men like attention and enjoy feeling special, however, they also want to know that you have your independence. Talk about your friends and events that you’re going to WITHOUT him. This will show him that you have an exciting, interesting world, and he’ll be eager to become a part of it. It’s also a good idea to allow him to miss you every now and again. Rather than spending all your time at his place, make sure you give each other to space occasionally. This will keep him interested in you.


How to behave on a date

Just like you, men have a mental checklist they use to assess a woman’s relationship potential (whether they know it or not!). Therefore, it really does matter how you behave on a date. Aside from the obvious advice, such as putting your phone away and not ordering the spaghetti, there are some other things you can do/not to keep him interested. A good tip is to avoid talking too much. Most guys have a pretty low threshold for mindless chatter, and so rambling on incessantly about yourself won’t do you any favours. You should also try not to order anything too expensive from the menu if you’re having dinner. If you begin the date with a pricey cocktail, he’ll instantly worry that you’re going to be too high-maintenance.

Signs he is interested in you after first date

You should be able to tell during the date whether a guy is into you. If he’s keen, he will have looked into your eyes (unless he’s super-shy) and made some sort of effort to touch you. Even if it’s just touching the small of your back as you walk through a door ahead of him. Assessing a guy’s post-date behavior can be tricky, as if he doesn’t call or text right away, or he’s not replying to your message, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not interested. It’s possible that he’s been busy or distracted, however, a lot of guys try to play games and make girls wait before reaching out. If you like him, you will just have to play the game and wait patiently.

Things to say after a first date

Generally, the “date” element of a first date is easy. It’s the post-date communication that’s the tough bit. Many women just don’t know what to text after the first date. If the date went great and you want a second, you need to choose your words carefully. One of the best texts to send after the first date is “Did you get home safely?’. This shows that you’re interested and indicates that you are a nice person. You can also try something like “I’d love to see you again! My diary is pretty busy at the minute. Could you do an afternoon this week?”. This is great if the date went well but you’re easing back into dating and don’t want to appear overly interested.

How to tell if a guy likes you after the first date

It’s usually pretty easy to know if a guy likes you after the first date. Most of the time, if a man is keen and wants to see you again, he will text or call within a day or your date. If he does this, it’s clear he’s interested and wants to see you again. On the other hand, if he doesn’t get in touch right away, this isn’t to say he’s not interested. He may just be playing it cool. He’s playing games, which is stupid, but sometimes you just have to play, particularly if you’re really into him. Another good sign that a guy likes you after a date is if you’d been messaging via a dating site or app, but after you meet he asks for your number. If he does this, it’s obvious that he wants to take things to the next level.

We hope this article has given you some insight into how to get him interested and keep him interested after a first date. If the date went well and you’re really into him and want to see him again, it’s important to tread carefully. Don’t be afraid to text him if you want to, but don’t worry too much if he doesn’t get back to you right away.

Be casual and relaxed but make it clear that you’d love a second date. Remember, guys love attention and want girls to make them feel special, but they also want to know you’re independent and don’t need them.