How to Chat with Girls On the Dance Floor


A dance club is a great place to meet single women, partially because you don’t even have to talk to them in order to dance with them and have a good time. Unfortunately, if you want their number or if you want to go home with someone, you’re going to have to talk to someone.

You should take into consideration that the dance floor is going to be loud so any chances of a conversation are going to have to be in between songs so that small talk is going to have to matter. We’ve got a few tips that will help you start a conversation with an attractive woman you spot on the dance floor without falling flat on your face.

Step 1 – Put yourself in her line of sight.

Let’s say you’ve noticed a girl who is dancing around the room and you really want to start talking to her. Instead of ogling her from afar, move closer to the line of sight. This doesn’t mean that you should rush to her side and start grinding on her, but you’ll want to gradually make your way toward her while you continue to dance.

Step 2 – Make eye contact with her.

While you’re dancing, you’ll want to make eye contact with her once in a while. If she sees you checking her out, offer her a genuine smile while you continue to dance. You don’t want to stop mid-dance move and gawk at her — that would just be creepy.

Step 3 – Dance in her general area.

Now that you’ve made eye contact and smiled at one another, it is clear that you are both on each other’s radar. This means that you can dance closer to her, at least a foot away (maybe closer if the floor is crowded). You should use this opportunity to lean in say something mundane like how much you love this particular song or how impressed you are with her dance moves. You should use this opportunity to tell her your name and ask for hers.

Step 4 – Ask her questions.

While you are dancing, you’re going to want to ask her questions. For example, if she is holding a drink, you could ask her what she’s drinking and maybe even offer her to buy her a drink in a few songs. You don’t want to offer to buy a drink right away because some women will take advantage of your generosity.

Step 5 – Be aware of the body language.

Body language is crucial when it comes to trying to woo a woman. If while you are talking to her she continues to move away, you can bet she isn’t interested and is trying to get away. If she continues to dance near you, or if she dances closer to you, then you can be certain that she is digging you and want to keep the conversation rolling. Play your cards right, you may be getting a phone number, if not more.