Who Should Call First After a Date?

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When Is It Ok to Call a Guy First?

Despite being totally cool with women making the first move on dating sites and apps these days plenty of people are still uncertain as to whether it’s okay for a woman to call a guy first after a date!

On one hand, we’re really not sure what the problem could be… on the other, however, we know that sitcoms like ‘friends’ and ‘sex in the city’ have made it pretty clear that a woman should avoid appearing clingy or easy at all costs. There could be a number of good reasons as to why you might call a guy:

– You said you would
– You like talking to him
– You want to thank him for a lovely date
– You want to ask him again

Yep, it’s just that simple; you really can call a guy because you like him and want to spend more time with him! The only risk is that he might not like you as much as you like him, but there’s no shame in that! If you’re just not feeling the same connection it won’t be the fact that you’ve called him first that’s the problem!

It’s really no different to sending the first message, and everyone seems to be on the same page there! After all, getting in touch after a date isn’t necessarily the moment when you ask for a second date; it’s just a conversation! When you think of it like that the whole things become a bit less stressful!

The Flip Side: Don’t Call Him, Let Him Call You

There’s always another side to the story, of course; there really are times when you should let him call you first. First and foremost, you should let him call you if he has said that’s what he’s going to do. Not only is this good manners, you should just assume that he’s busy, but it’s a good way to decide whether he’s full of it or not; a man of his word will call you! Only call him if you’re certain that he’s not going to follow through.

But how long should I wait to call him, we hear you cry?

Well, a week or two (at most) would be good form because people can get busy very quickly! If you’ve not heard from him within two weeks, it’s safe to assume that something has happened (maybe he lost your number or broke his phone?) or that he’s lost interest.

This is the tricky part, you see, because if he hasn’t called because he’s not quite sure about you, your calling him could very well be the spark that gets things going again! There’s always one person who sees the potential for something good first; you shouldn’t let tradition or pride get in the way if you really liked someone.

But you need to ask yourself, are you hung up on him because you liked him or because;

– You’re hurt that he ghosted
– You don’t want to be alone
– You’re angry that he broke his promise

If it’s any of the above reasons you should re-think your choice and move on! What will be will be; only chase a man that you’re really crazy about!

Why He Might Not Call You (It’s Not What You Think!)

There are dozens of reasons why a guy might not call you for another date, and while there’s one very obvious one (he’s just not that into you) there are some less terrible truths too!

1) He might just be busy; we know that this sounds a bit much, but there are times in life when we’re just too busy to move. That’s the truth, and we’ve all been there. Now it would surely be bad luck for you to run into a busy period like this just after a great first date, but stranger things have happened.

2) He’s had some bad news; if a bereavement or family issue has come up then calling anyone who’s not already in his inner circle will be the last thing on his mind.

3) He’s shy or insecure; this might not seem believable, but studies have shown that only 3 in 10 men feel confident even asking for a first date, so if he has any doubts about how much you like him then he might not call you for fear of rejection.

4) He needs a little more time to think; if he’s the kind of man who thinks long and hard before making any decision then this could be exactly what he’s doing. Once you get to a stage where you know you’re looking for someone really special you tend to slow down in your decision-making process.

These might as well be labeled “reasons you should call him” – so what’s holding you back?

Call Him Back Without Losing Face

So, how can you call him back while not appearing clingy or insecure? Well, there are a few options but only you can decide which one is best for you!

1) Be honest; just call him after a few days and tell him that you liked seeing him and would like to see him again just tell him that, but make sure that you have a suggestion for a time and an activity.

2) The ‘extra ticket’ approach; alternatively, you can be less upfront and get some tickets for something that you think he would like, then call him under the guise of having an extra one. Just understand that he might be busy!

3) The ‘I happen to Be in The Area’; a group outing with friends in his neck of the woods can provide a good reason to get I touch with him. Plus, if you really like him this is a good way to let your friends get the measure of him.

It’s pretty easy, when you think about it… so, why let fear hold you back?