Are Nice Guys a Turn off to Women?

woman with a fan

That old phrase “I’m a sucker for a bad boy” is muttered by women all over the world. This statement is usually spoken when a woman is talking about what many would refer to as the ideal man, someone who treats her well and looks after her, but in reality, is just ‘too nice’. So, we’re going to look at common misconceptions of the potential good guy boyfriend and look at why women shouldn’t be scared off by a nice guy as it’ll only result in being pushed into the arms of a bad boy – which let’s be honest, won’t last long!

Are Bad Boys Better?

What defines a bad boy? Do women like men who have a criminal record or is that too much? What about men who smoke, drink beer, and play hard to get, is that bad boy enough? Determining what a bad boy really is can be difficult. This is because every single woman is different with her wants, needs, and desires.

Going back to caveman times, women would cook, look after her family, and pretty much keep everything in check while her man would go out and catch their dinner with his bare hands. There is something incredibly primal and raw about this scenario and for many women, it remains in their blood to this day. For some women, a big bad man who is strong and protective is a real turn on, especially if there’s added mystery and a little dash of bad boy behavior.

A Good Guy’s Not So Bad

Many women feel that the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ boyfriend is boring. But that actually says a lot about the woman. Nice men are actually very hard to come across; they’re either taken, live in another country, or are avoiding the nasty barrage of women who claim that they are ‘undateable’ and a ‘turn off’. But why do women think nice guys are a turn-off? Well, let’s have a look at some of these misconceptions.

1. Many claim that nice guys lack confidence. This doesn’t have to be true. Just because a man is kind and more gentle than others doesn’t mean that he lacks confidence.

2. Do nice guys keep up the pretence because they, in fact, have an agenda to get into your pants? In most cases, the answer to this is probably no. Men can, in fact, be nice without having an agenda. Give them a chance!

3. Nice guys are boring – but how would you ever know if you haven’t given them a chance? In actuality, nice guys tend to be heaps of fun as you can really be your true selves around each other and laugh heartily and genuinely.

Stick with the Nice

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you who you choose to have fun with, but from hundreds of women’s past encounters, you may be safer, happier, and better off giving that nice guy who’s been asking you out a chance.