Is the Premiere Place for Women Who Like Fat Men

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Find out why women who like fat men flock to by the thousands for a unique online dating experience.

Homer and Marge Simpson.

Lois and Peter Griffin.

Tony and Carmela Soprano.

Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

Of these popular couples, there is one thing that unites them and that is the fact that these wives are women who like fat men. While this is a popular trope in movies and television, it is also pretty common in real life as well. How many times have you seen an attractive woman with a fat guy and you’ve wondered what he has that you don’t? This can leave you befuddled, especially if you take care of your body and are in good health. You may even go out and put yourself out there, but you can’t seem to find a woman who wants to be with you.

So, why are there so many women who like fat men as opposed to fit and attractive men?

First of all, get over yourself.

Far too often, people who feel superior to others often feel like “why them and not me?” when they see a couple who is “mismatched” in one way or another. We often feel that there is something detrimentally wrong with us when we see someone dating “above their grade,” and this doesn’t just mean women who like fat men, but it also includes when one person is “uglier” than another, when one is “smarter” than the other, and even when one is “richer” than the other person. These types of separations are categorizing people based on obvious attributes. People don’t take into consideration the plethora of other components that make up a person.
People rarely take into consideration what else these mismatched couples provide for one another.

Perhaps that fat man is a compassionate lover. Maybe that dumb woman can tell a fantastic joke.

Maybe that poor person is so kind that they will give their partner the shirt off their back, even though they don’t need it.

People are drawn to one another for reasons that aren’t so obvious, and therefore who are you to judge why someone is right for someone or not.

With that said, for the ladies who are particularly drawn to bigger men, it isn’t always easy to approach these lovable men because the guys tend to be apprehensive about putting themselves out there because they may have been ridiculed in the past. This is why both the men and the women may opt to try their hand at online dating sites.

Online Dating Helps Women Who Like Fat Men

Online dating gives these men the opportunity to be themselves and talk to lovely ladies without the fear of being laughed at. Online, these men have the chance to approach a woman and let their personalities shine and actually have a chance to have a conversation with the women. They can strike up a conversation with these ladies and not be afraid of being laughed at or judged.

Being online gives these men the freedom to be themselves, but it also gives the women an opportunity to seriously look for the kind of man that she really wants to be with. Sometimes the guy’s weight isn’t even a factor because, with online dating, you are giving the chance to get to know someone on a deeper level than just the physical. Sure, there is a profile picture that you will see and there may even be a few other pictures that you can flip through. However, along with that profile picture, you can read their profile and learn more about the guy before you send them a message.

Think about it, if you come across a profile of a man who sounds like everything you could ever want, are you going to leave him alone or are you going to give him a shot? Chances are, you are going to give him a shot simply because he meets many of your “ideal” qualities.

We aren’t going to lie, appearances are a big factor for many people, but when you meet someone who can make you feel like a queen and treats you well, you are going to be okay with a few extra pounds.

After all, you can always work to lose the weight—it’s not so easy to change a person’s personality.