Dating Mistakes New Couples Make All The Time!


Stop the presses! You’re in a new relationship and you are completely head over heels for this person. Everything is going great and you are enjoying the moment. That’s great! However, before you get in too deep, keep reading this article so that you don’t commit any of these dating mistakes we all tend to do from time to time early in our relationships.

1. Texting
Texting is the primary way people communicate nowadays, which is fine. However, early on in the relationship, you are going to have to tread a very fine line between texting too much and not texting enough. If you text too much, you appear needy. If you text too little, they may think that you’ve lost interest. While we can’t tell you an exact number of texts you should be sending, just do what feels right. Resist the urge to respond immediately, and don’t read too far into what is (or isn’t) being said. Just go with the flow!

2. Getting Serious Too Soon
The hook up is becoming the normal way to meet people. These one night stands usually don’t amount to anything, but for those encounters that do lead to something more substantial, don’t feel like you have to get serious right away. Physical intimacy doesn’t mean that you have to get hitched. Take your time and continue to get to know one another and see where that leads you.

3. Texting Part 2
Remember how we said that the most common way we communicate is through texting? In a new relationship, you don’t want that to be the only way you communicate. Texts are unable to convey your emotion and a lot can be misinterpreted this way.

4. Ignoring Intuition
Your intuition is going to help you a lot early on in a relationship. When you ignore your inner voice, you’re overlooking red flags that would otherwise be deal breakers. Don’t turn a blind eye to these red flags because they can save you a lot of heartache in the future. By ignoring your intuition, you’re allowing yourself to waste time on someone who may not be worth your time and effort!

5. Worry About Monogamy
Your relationship is still new. You need time to evaluate if you and this person are really going to work out. Why bother deleting old phone numbers, dating profiles, and the like until you know for sure that you’re compatible and on the same page. At this point, just assume that the other person is seeing others and keep it casual. After a few months of seeing each other, then you can have the talk on whether or not you should be exclusive and then you can go through and delete the necessary things.

It doesn’t matter if you are hooking up or you’ve been hanging out for a few weeks, you’ll want to take things slow. These formative weeks are pretty important and they are going to be hard to navigate. However, if you both are on the same page and abide by these “rules,” then you’ve got a shot at making it work.