She Dumped Me and Now Wants Me Back – Why?


If you’re wondering ‘should I take her back?’ after your girlfriend has broken up with you, you need to read on. This is a surprisingly common scenario, with an ex often wanting to get back with her boyfriend after dumping him. You’d be surprised how often ‘ex girlfriend wants me back’ is searched for online! Finding out that your girlfriend wants to rekindle your relationship after breaking up with you can be confusing, and you’re no doubt looking for reasons why ‘ex girlfriend wants me back after dumping me?’ Read on to find out why she’s changed her mind.

My girl left me and wants to date me again

Many people will tell you to never take her back if she dumped you, however, it’s not always so easy, especially if you still love her. If you still have feelings for the girl and you’d love like nothing more than to get back with her, saying no can sometimes prove impossible. The truth is, you need to think carefully before giving her your answer. Talk things through with her to try to work out why she split with you in the first place. Here are some common reasons why she wants you back.

Lack of available alternatives

If you can’t stop thinking why has my girlfriend dumped me only to want me back again, you’re not alone. Many men go through this situation at some point in their lives. One of the commonest reasons why women change their tune is the lack of available alternatives. She may have envisaged going on dates with many amazing guys, only to see that the dating world can be somewhat creepy and frustrating. She may have come to realise that you are the best option after all. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best reason to get back with her. She got bored with you the first time around, so what’s to stop her doing it again?

Feelings of guilt

If your breakup ended badly with you trying to convince your ex to stay with you, chances are they feel guilty about hurting you. If so, she may only be coming back to you to ease feelings of guilt. Unfortunately, guilt isn’t love, and a relationship restarting on this basis is doomed to fail. You need to accept that you have lost her, whether she gets back together with you or not. Eventually, she will almost certainly leave you again, with the reunion only a temporary measure to pacify her guilt.

She got bored

Whilst you’ve been crying on your friends’ shoulders asking ‘why has she broke up with me’, she’s probably been seeing other guys or even travelling with friends. Basically, she’ll have been doing things that she felt she was missing out on whilst dating you. And now she’s bored and you seem appealing because she hasn’t seen you in a while. The truth is, she may get bored again once you restart your relationship and end up hurting you for a second time.

She wants sex

If you’re wondering why ‘my girl dumped me’ and now wants to come back, consider a little three-letter word. Sex, or the lack of it, may be the reason why wants to date you again. If you were having sex whilst you were together, and now she’s not getting any, she may be looking to you to fulfill that need. This might give you an ego boost in the short term, but it’s not the right reason to restart your relationship. You may provide what she needs in the bedroom, but it won’t be long before she leaves to find someone who offers her more than just sexual pleasure between the sheets.

She loves you and thinks you can change

When working out why ‘my gf broke up with me’, you really need to consider if you did anything wrong whilst in the relationship. It can be a difficult thing to think about, but if you want your ex back, it really is necessary. Perhaps you didn’t give her enough affection, or you were too argumentative or aggressive on occasion. Maybe you were selfish or clingy or possessive. You need to seriously consider if there’s something you need to say sorry for and address the issue as soon as possible. Focus on self-improvement and take steps to show your ex that you’ve changed. If you can do this, your relationship certainly stands a chance.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why ‘my girlfriend broke up with me and now she wants me back’. The truth is, there are many reasons why she left you but now wants to rekindle your romance. Unfortunately, not all of them are good. It may that there are no eligible alternatives or that she simply likes the status of being in a relationship. On the other hand, she may have left because of your actions and is now returning because she has forgiven you or believes you can change. Whatever the reason, think carefully before restarting your relationship, as doing so for the wrong reasons can spell disaster. Talk at length about the reasons for your split. A second chance may be possible, but don’t rush into anything too soon.