The Common Mistakes Guys Make When Dating


No one is perfect despite your best intentions (sorry to break it to you). There are some mistakes men make in relationships that can be avoided. It’s not because you are thoughtless, bad at relationships or don’t understand women, it is just that men are very different to women. There are ways to avoid the dating mistakes guys make and the those that they make when in a relationship. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Rookie mistake – being too keen to sleep with her

Many women don’t want to give it up too easily, especially on an early date so back off from trying to seduce her into bed and avoid this common dating mistake. She may be as hot as hell and you can’t wait to sleep with her but you need to earn her trust and respect first.

You are going to need to seduce her

We don’t mean go on an all-out charm offensive to get her to sleep with you. Be yourself, show an interest in her, show her that you value her and spend time with her without the sleazy comments or constant pressure of her feeling like she should be putting out. You want a woman that has some dignity and respect and not someone that jumps into bed with anyone, right?

Beware not to friend zone her

While you are trying to avoid being Mr Sexy, you also don’t want to be too detached for fear of being friend zoned. If you don’t show her any affection and aren’t tactile at all then you could be moved to the friend corner. It’s so conflicting but there is a balance to everything.

Don’t be Mr Too Nice!

It’s confusing, right? On one hand, you are being told not to be a sleaze ball and on the other hand we are saying don’t be too nice. How are you ever supposed to get it right with all of these mixed messages and how can you avoid making any dating mistakes? Well, like most things it’s about moderation and you are going to need to find a middle ground. You don’t have to suddenly turn all mean and moody or ignore her calls but don’t be too clingy, don’t be rushing to do everything for her all the time and don’t be so attentive that it’s either suspicious or creepy. Women may say they want a nice guy but often they don’t.

Try and be your best self

In these circumstances, it is best to be yourself but the best version. If you are naturally arrogant and assumptive then you are going to make plenty of mistakes with women. You may assume you know what she wants to drink without asking her or you may just assume that because she was nice on the phone last time you spoke that she is absolutely fine. Her messages may say one thing but she could be thinking something completely different. Think about her and not just yourself. If you are the clingy type then don’t crowd her with messages every morning, noon and night. This will just make you look needy and she will start to avoid your calls.

Be prepared for anything

With so many things to consider the old Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared is absolutely applicable here. Let’s have a look at some quick-fire pointers so you can avoid some common mistakes when dating women:

  • • Don’t offer to pay for everything but don’t expect her to pay
  • • Make sure your phone stays in your pocket and don’t be distracted but don’t be all over her
  • • Try not to be too sleazy but be just affectionate enough
  • • Ask her questions about herself but make sure it’s not all about her
  • • Be yourself but be your best self
  • • Tell her you want to see her again but don’t tie her down to a time and place tight there
  • • Call her when you say you will and don’t play games but don’t be too keen

It’s all a bit of a minefield and a juggling act

If you’re still with us and your head isn’t spinning then you are doing well. Keep up! There may seem a lot to consider but nothing worth having is easy. You may have to work for it but it will be worth it.

How to avoid the mistakes men make with women

Other than the above tips, when it comes to avoiding the mistakes that men make with women, be mindful of her situation. Put yourself in her shoes and try and think like her. Learn how to be a man in a relationship rather than the ‘selfish boy’ that many can revert to. She’s not your mum, she is a partner, an equal, a human being with feelings and expectations of her own.

Respect her, value her, consider her and show her that you are a man. OK, you will make mistakes, no-one is perfect but learn from them and make sure they are only nice guy mistakes. It may all seem like a game and while you should avoid playing too many games, the thrill is often in the chase. Enjoy dating her but make sure you treat her as she wants to be treated. It is working out what that is that’s the tricky part.

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